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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
S07SOCIAL PARTICIPATION : VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS0social activity, organizational affiliation, non-participation, social behavior, group-memberships, group membership, participation in public spheres, activities in clubs, social life, member of voluntary organization, participation in voluntary organizations, passiveness, social involvement, participation in voluntary organizations, sociability, organizational affiliation, own contacts, meso level, , societal involvement, success in social relations
S07aaParticipation career0
S07aa01Earlier organizational participation3earlier association participation
S07aa01aEarlier amount of organizational participation2
See also R12aa01 Earlier religion
S07aa01bEarlier satisfaction with organizational participation1earlier attitudes to social participation, earlier satisfaction with associations, earlier attitudes to social participation, earlier satisfaction with associations
S07aa02Change in organizational participation1change in association participation
S07aa02aChange in amount of organizational participation1
S07aa02bChange in satisfaction with organizational participation1change in attitudes to social participation, change in satisfaction with associations, change in attitudes to social participation, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with associations
S07aa03Later organizational participation1later association participation
S07abCurrent organizational participation13
See also R11ab02 Intimate relations in region
See also S08ab Current total social participation
S07ab01Membership of voluntary organizations72
See also R12ad01 Church-member or not
S07ab01aunion member1trade union
See also N12ab05c Trade union membership in nation
See also P09ab02b Membership of political organizations
S07ab02Attendance to meetings23
See also R12ad02 Participation in church
S07ab03Voluntary work28own employment status, job, solidarity, unemployment, vocation, volunteer,
See also Main subject: E02 EMPLOYMENT
See also Main subject: O01 OCCUPATION
S07acAttitudes to organizational participation1attitudes to social contacts,
S07ac01Concern about organizational participation5
S07ac02Satisfaction with organizational participation9satisfaction with participation in associations, satisfaction with social life, satisfaction with organizational-life