Findings on Happiness and POSSESSIONS

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
P12POSSESSIONS2personal wealth, material dependency, access to income, spending capacity, satisfaction with standard of living, own socio-economic status
See also F01ag04 Parents wealth
See also H22ab01a House owned or rented
See also Main subject: I01 INCOME
See also Main subject: R13 RESOURCES
P12aaCareer of assets1
P12aa01Earlier possessions1earlier income,
P12aa02Change in possessions6change in income,
P12aa03Later possessions0later income,
P12abCurrent possessions67
See also M03ab08 Community of property
P12ab01Total wealth29
P12ab02Specific possessions28
P12ab02aBusiness assets3enterprise, investment
See also E02ae01 Family business
See also F04ab Current involvement in farming
See also O01ab02b Entrepreneur
P12ab02aaLand owned4
P12ab02abLivestock1animals, cattle
P12ab02bCommunication devices0information tools
See also C10ab04a Communication
P12ab02baInternet at home1e-mail, web, connectedness
See also A02ac04 Internet use
See also C10ac01a on internet
See also L03ac02f Internet, social media
See also T01ad04 Time spend on internet
P12ab02bbTv2media consumption
See also L03ac02l Tv watching, radio listening
P12ab02bcTelephone6cell-phone, mobile
See also C10ab04aa Telephone
See also L12ab04an Telephone connecctions in vinicity
P12ab02cHousehold appliances4white good
See also C10ab03c Durables
P12ab02cbMicro wave1
See also C10ab04 Kinds of consumption
See also C10ab04 Kinds of consumption
P12ab02dProperty0land, buildings
See also H22ab01a House owned or rented
P12ab02eTransport tools0travel, mobilituy
See also C10ab03o Transport
See also L03ac02k Traveling
See also Main subject: M17 MOBILITY (travel)
P12ab02fConsumer goods0
See also C10ab03c Durables
P12ab03aAvailability of credit3loan
See also S10ac02 Perceived availability of social support
P12ab03bMortgage (on home)1
See also H22ab01 Ownership of current dwelling
P12ab04Insurances9pension, social security
See also Main subject: H17 HEALTH: TREATMENT MEDICAL
See also Main subject: I01 INCOME
See also I01ad03b Pension
See also N04ab11c Public goods in nation
See also C10ab02c Relative to income
See also I01ac03 Being able to save
P12ab06Bank account1
P12ab07Liquidity1money ready available
P12acAttitudes to one's possessions14attitudes to possessions,
See also V02aa01c Materialism
P12ac01Attitude to investment0entrepreurship
P12ac02Attitude to saving3risk aversion
See also P05co Risk minded