Findings on Happiness and OCCUPATION

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
O01OCCUPATION0work behavior, participation in public spheres, kind of work, , access to power, work life, profession, work-tasks, vocation
See also Main subject: E02 EMPLOYMENT
See also Main subject: W03 WORK: CAREER
See also Main subject: W04 WORK: CONDITIONS
See also Main subject: W05 WORK: ATTITUDES
See also Main subject: W06 WORK: PERFORMANCE
O01aaOccupational career4social success, own retirement, advancement in occupation, success at work
O01aa01Earlier occupation13
O01aa02Recent change in occupation0change in occupation, change in occupation
See also E02aa02 Change in employment
See also L05ab Current life-change (assessed by follow up)
O01aa02aEntering first job0
O01aa02bLoss of job0
See also E02aa02 Change in employment
See also R14aa02 Change in retirement status
O01aa02cSwitch to other job1
O01aa03History of current occupation4job experience
See also O01ab Current occupation
O01aa03aAdvancement in current job4
O01aa04Later occupation1
O01abCurrent occupation81
O01ab01In working-force or not4
See also E02ab04 Not in labour force
O01ab02Kind of occupation (profession)29involved in business or not, specific business,
O01ab02bEntrepreneur3business, self employed
See also E02ae01 Family business
See also E02ae03 Self employed
See also P12ab02a Business assets
O01ab02baSize of one's enterprise2business size
See also O01ac01ea Number of subordinates
See also W04ab17 Size of work organization
O01ab02cFactory worker0
O01ab02dGarbage collector0
O01ab02gTeacher2educator, professor
See also Main subject: S01 SCHOOL
O01acCharacteristics of current occupation5
See also E02ae Current employment arrangement
See also W04ab Current work-conditions
O01ac01Occupational level12
O01ac01aSocial prestige of occupation20
See also Main subject: S09 SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS
O01ac01bSkill level of occupation12occupational skills,
See also E01ab Current education
O01ac01cManual or non-manual8
O01ac01dOccupation of training/education1Use of skills, work-education fit
See also Main subject: W03 WORK: CAREER
O01ac01eSupervisory tasks2boss, leader
See also Main subject: L02 LEADERSHIP
O01ac01eaNumber of subordinates1employees, personal
See also O01ab02ba Size of one's enterprise
See also W04ab17 Size of work organization
O01ac02Branche1Trade, domain
See also E02ae02 Public employment (vs private sector)
See also F04ab Current involvement in farming
See also M12ab Current involvement in military life
See also Main subject: F04 FARMING
O01ac02bBuilding0construction, immobile, property
O01ac02dCulture1Arts. Leisure
See also Main subject: C14 CULTURE (Arts and Sciences)
O01ac02eCare1healthcare, social work
See also Main subject: H17 HEALTH: TREATMENT MEDICAL
O01ac02fEducation1Schooling, training
See also Main subject: E01 EDUCATION
See also Main subject: S01 SCHOOL
O01ac02gRetail1Shop, sales
See also Main subject: C10 CONSUMPTION
O01ac02hPublic administration1government
See also E02ae02 Public employment (vs private sector)
O01ac03Sector: public/private1government, market
See also E02ae02 Public employment (vs private sector)
O01adAttitudes to one's occupation5attitudes to occupation, satisfaction with work (job-satisfaction), worries about work
See also Main subject: W05 WORK: ATTITUDES
O01ad01Attitudes to occupational career0
O01ad01aOccupational aspirations10occupational goals, satisfaction with career-opportunities
See also L07ab08 Object of life-goals
O01ad01bSatisfaction with career5satisfaction with occupational career
See also L04ac01p Successful (vs failure)
See also L07ac02 Perceived realization of life-goals
See also S05ac04 Satisfaction with one's social mobility
O01ad02Attitudes to current occupation7(job-satisfaction),
O01ad03Attitudes to current job5
See also W05ad Current satisfaction with work
O01ad04Looking for another job8job shift, turn over
See also W05ai Dedication to current employer