Findings on Happiness and NATION: POSITION OF ONE'S NATION

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
N13NATION: POSITION OF ONE'S NATION0independence of country, collective chances, macro social, international position of the nation, macro level, characteristics of society, nation,
See also Main subject: N06 NATION: HISTORY
N13aaDevelopment of position of one's nation0heritage, social change
See also Main subject: N06 NATION: HISTORY
N13abCurrent position of one's nation0
N13ab01Central/peripherical in world system0place of nation in world-system, climate of universalism,
See also L09ab02c International life style
See also Main subject: M14 MODERNITY
See also N14ab04 Modernity of nation
N13ab02Foreings aid provided/received by nation0
See also Main subject: H18 HELPING
N13ab03Geographic location13part of the world
See also Main subject: N05 NATION: GEOGRAPHY
N13ab04Involved in international conflict0safety, conflicts in society, security of nation, of warfare, revolution, climate of war
See also Main subject: W01 WAR
N13ab05Reputation of the nation0standing
N13ab06Relative livability of nation0life-chances
See also Main subject: N09 NATION: LIVABILITY. Fit environment - human needs/capacities
N13ab07Success in sports of nation4champion, olypmic
See also S12ab05 Performance in sports
N13ab08Wealth: relative to neighour countries1
See also N04ab01 Economic affluence in nation
N13acAttitudes to position of the nation5
See also Main subject: N13 NATION: POSITION OF ONE'S NATION