Findings on Happiness and NATION: PERSONALITY (modal)

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
N11NATION: PERSONALITY (modal)3national character, affect level in society, attitudinal climate in society, expressiveness in society, shared identity in nation, leadership in society, current life-goals in society, macro social, collective mentality (culture), modernity of nation, modal personality of citizens in the nation, attitudinal climate in country, dominant needs in society, modal personality in country , public opinion, in society, macro level, practices in society, characteristics of society, nation
See also Main subject: A05 AGGRESSION
See also N02ab01 Attitudinal climate in nation
See also Main subject: P02 PERSONALITY: HISTORY
See also Main subject: P03 PERSONALITY: CHANGE
See also Main subject: P05 PERSONALITY: CURRENT TRAITS
See also Main subject: P06 PERSONALITY: LATER
See also Main subject: V03 VALUES: CLIMATE (current values in environment)
N11aaDevelopment of modal personality innation0pscho-history
See also Main subject: N06 NATION: HISTORY
N11abCurrent modal personality in one's nation0national character
See also Main subject: P05 PERSONALITY: CURRENT TRAITS
N11ab01Agreableness in nation1nice, positive, sociable
See also P05ad Agreeable
See also P05cy Sociable
N11ab02Agression, anger in nation0frustration
See also A04af02 Own attitude to older people
See also P05aa Aggressive, angry
N11ab03Agreableness in nation1gentle, nice, sociable
See also N11ab30 Tolerance in nation
See also P05ad Agreeable
N11ab04Agreeing, yea-saying in nation0conformism
See also P05ae Agreeing, yea-saying
N11ab05Ambitiousness in nation2achievement motivation, aspirations
See also P05ab Ambitious
N11ab06Anxiety in nation1fear
See also M15ac11 Feeling secure (vs threatened)
See also M15ac15 Feeling tranquil (vs restless)
See also P02ab03 Earlier anxiety
See also P05af Anxious
N11ab07Competitiveness in nation0achievement
See also N04ab03 Entrepreneurial climate in nation
See also P05ab Ambitious
N11ab08Conformism in nation0
See also N11ab32 Psychological freedom in nation
See also P05ah Approval seeking
N11ab09Conscientiousness in nation2diligent, meticulous
See also P05ao Conscientious
N11ab10Cynism in nation1ditrust, negative attitude
See also Main subject: A06 ANOMY
See also N11ab31 Trust in nation
See also P05as Cynical
N11ab11Emotional stability in nation1variable
See also N11ab24 Neuroticism in nation
See also P05cc Neurotic
See also P05db Stable
N11ab12Empathy in nation0compassion
See also P05ax Empathic
N11ab13Extraversion in nation4introversion, outer orienred
See also N11ab32 Psychological freedom in nation
See also P05az Extraverted
N11ab14Extremety in nation1excess, maximal, moderation
N11ab15Hedonism in nation3enjoyment, pleasure seeking,
See also H11ac Valuation of happiness
See also N02ab06c Hedonic values in nation
See also N02ab06ca A-hedonism in nation
N11ab16Individualism/collectivism in nation4climate of individualism,
See also Main subject: M14 MODERNITY
See also P02ab14 Earlier independence
See also P05bm Independent
N11ab17Control belief: internal/external in nation4culture of resignation,
See also P02ab16 Earlier inner-control
See also P05bp Inner locus of control
See also P06ab03 Later locus of control
N11ab18Independence in nation0(non)authoritarian, (non)conformist, self-directed
See also Main subject: A09 AUTHORITARIANISM
See also N11ab28 Self confidence in nation
See also P05bm Independent
N11ab19Interest in life in nation1
See also Main subject: I05 INTERESTS
See also L04ac01j Interesting (vs boring)
See also P05bq Interested
N11ab20Intelligence in nation0cognitive ability, IQ
See also Main subject: I03 INTELLIGENCE
See also P05am Clever
N11ab21Intrinsec/extrinsic motivation in nation3self directed, other directed
See also M16ab02 Intrinsic motivation
See also M16ab03 Extrinsic motivation
See also P05br Intrinsically motivated
N11ab22Honesty in nation5cheat, moral,
See also N02ab06 Value climate in the nation
See also P05bj Honest
N11ab23Masculinity (vs femininity) in nation0macho, womenlike
See also G01ab Gender roles
See also P05bx Masculine (vs feminine)
N11ab24Neuroticism in nation6nervous, psycho-neutrotic, unstable
See also H13ac05c Neurotic (f48)
See also N09ab01bb Mental health in nation
See also P05cc Neurotic
N11ab25Openness in nation1broad minded, receptive
See also P05cd Open
N11ab26Optimism in nation1hopefulness in society, in society, worrying in society,
See also Main subject: H19 HOPE
See also N01ab05 Hopes for the nation
See also P02ab19 Earlier optimism
See also P05ce Optimistic
N11ab27Psychoticism in nation4insane
See also H13ac11d Psychotic (f99)
See also N09ab01bb Mental health in nation
See also P05cj Psychotic
N11ab28Self confidence in nation1self esteem, self regard
See also N11ab32 Psychological freedom in nation
See also P05cu Self-confidant
N11ab29Tightness in nation0
See also Main subject: P05 PERSONALITY: CURRENT TRAITS
N11ab30Tolerance in nation7acceptance
See also P02ab29 Earlier tolerance
See also P06ab10 Later tolerance
See also Main subject: T02 TOLERANCE
N11ab31Trust in nation2confidence, reliance
See also N11ab10 Cynism in nation
See also P05di Trusting
See also Main subject: T04 TRUST
N11ab31aTrust in fellow-man in nation21civic trust
See also T04ab01 Trust in institutions
See also T04ab02 Trust in people
N11ab31bTrust in institutions in nation7
See also Main subject: A06 ANOMY
N11ab32Psychological freedom in nation1ability to choose
See also F05ab01 Ability to choose (psychological freedom)
See also N11ab16 Individualism/collectivism in nation
See also N11ab17 Control belief: internal/external in nation
See also N11ab28 Self confidence in nation
See also N14ab01 Freedom in nations
N11acAttitudes to modal personality ination0national chaacter
See also N01ac02 Satisfaction with compatriots in nation