Findings on Happiness and MILITARY LIFE

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
M12MILITARY LIFE1Military defense , soldier
See also Main subject: W01 WAR
M12aaMilitary career0
See also O01aa Occupational career
M12aa01Earlier in armed force1earlier military life, earlier military work
M12aa02Change in military life0change in military work
See also M12ad03 Perceived effects of change in militairy life
M12aa02aRecent entering armed force0
M12aa02bRecent leaving armed force1
See also Main subject: R14 RETIREMENT
M12aa03Later in armed force1later military life, later military work
M12abCurrent involvement in military life2living in a military setting,
See also O01ab02 Kind of occupation (profession)
M12ab01Militairs in family1
See also F01af Characteristics of family-members (earlier for adults)
M12acMilitary skill3
M12adAttitudes to military life0
See also O01ad Attitudes to one's occupation
M12ad01Concern about militairy0
M12ad02Satisfaction with militairy life0
M12ad03Perceived effects of change in militairy life4