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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
M02MARRIAGE: CURRENT MARITAL STATUS56intimate affiliation, marriage, family living, marital status, family of procreation, micro level , own reception of support, marital status, success in marriage, with intimates
See also H20ab01 Living alone or not
See also Main subject: S15 SUMMED DETERMINANTS
M02aaMarried state (compared to non-married states)280living alone or not, current marital status, having a life-partner or not
See also M01aa Earlier marital states
See also M01ab Recent change in marital status
M02aa01Married vs never married137vs married
M02aa02Married vs widowed69vs married
M02aa03Married vs divorced88vs married
M02aa04Married vs separated 40vs married
M02aa05Still-married vs broken marriage (widowed+separated+divorced)21
M02aa06Married vs will-full unmarried (never married + divorced)2
See also M01aa02 Earlier marital transitions
See also M02aa05 Still-married vs broken marriage (widowed+separated+divorced)
M02aa07Formally-married vs living-as-married26
See also M02ac01 Living-as-married vs formerly married
M02abNon-married states (compared mutually)3
M02ab01Never married9
See also M01aa01 Earlier marital states
See also M01aa01c Life-long single
M02ab01aVs widowed64vs never married
M02ab01bVs divorced57vs never married
M02ab01cVs separated28vs never married
M02ab01dVs formerly married (divorced+seperated)1vs never married
M02ab01eVs formerly married (widowed+divorced+separated)18
M02ab01fVs co-habiting7
M02ab02Widowed14death of intimates, widowhood,
See also M01aa02b Ever widowed
See also M01ab02b Recent widowhood
See also R03ab03c Widowed in region
M02ab02aVs divorced34vs widowed
M02ab02bVs separated14vs widowed
M02ab02cVs divorced, separated or never (willful unmarried)2
M02ab03Divorced or separated13current status, steph-family,
See also M01aa02a Ever divorced/separated
See also M01ab02a Recent divorce/separation
See also N14ab03ba Divorce rate in nation
See also R03ab03a Divorced in region
M02ab03aVs separated3vs divorced
M02acLiving as married9
See also M01aa01a Ever lived as married
See also M01ab01a Recent start of living as married
M02ac01Living-as-married vs formerly married1
M02ac02Living-as-married vs never married4
M02ac03Living-as-married vs widowed2
M02ac04Living-as-married vs divorced2
M02ac05Living-as-married vs separated2
See also M01aa02c Ever remarried
See also M01ab01c Recent re-marriage
See also M01ac01c Later re-marriage
M02aeWidowed (vs all other)2bereaved
See also M02ab02 Widowed
M02afBroken marriage (divorced and widowed vs married or never married2
See also M01aa02 Earlier marital transitions
See also M02aa05 Still-married vs broken marriage (widowed+separated+divorced)
M02agTime trend current marital status and happiness0
See also E03ab01b Trend in special publics
M02ahAttitudes to marital status0attitudes to current marital status
M02ah01Attitudes to one's own marital status1attitudes to own marital status
M02ah01aDesire of getting married2family goals
See also M01ad03a Aspired change in marital status
M02ah01bExpected satisfaction if married1
See also H11ab02a Perceived sources of one's own happiness
M02ah01cSatisfaction with being single1satisfaction with marital status
See also M03ac03 Satisfaction with marriage
M02ah02Attitudes to marriage in general1attitudes to institution of marriage,
M02ah02aPerceived happiness of the married2
See also H11ab02b Perceived sources of every-bodies happiness
M02ah02bPerceived characteristics of singles5