Findings on Happiness and ATTITUDES

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
A08ATTITUDES0perceptions of reality, dissatisfaction, ideological orientation, personal mentality, satisfied, attitudes, beliefs, own personality, rejection of others, satisfaction (overview of aspects), taste
See also Main subject: C09 CONCERNS
See also Main subject: H19 HOPE
See also Main subject: I01 INCOME
See also Main subject: I05 INTERESTS
See also Main subject: S01 SCHOOL
See also Main subject: V02 VALUES: CURRENT PREFERENCES (own)
A08aaDevelopment of attitutes0career, evolution, ontogeny
A08aa01Earlier attitudes1earlier values
See also Main subject: P02 PERSONALITY: HISTORY
A08aa02Change in attitudes1
See also Main subject: L05 LIFE CHANGE
A08aa03Later attitudes0later values
See also Main subject: P06 PERSONALITY: LATER
A08abCurrent attitudes3
A08ab01Attitudes to one's envirionment0
See also L10ac Attitudes to local cultural conditions
See also L12ac Attitudes to economic conditions in vinicity
See also L13ac Attitudes to local geographical conditions
See also L14ac Attitudes to livability of local environment
See also L16ac Attitudes to local environment
See also Main subject: N01 NATION: ATTITUDES TO ONE'S NATION
See also N02ac Attitudes to culture in the nation
See also N04ad Attitudes to economy in the nation
See also N05ac Attitudes to geographical conditions in nation
See also N09ac Attitudes to livability of one's nation
See also N13ac Attitudes to position of the nation
See also P09ae Attitudes to basic political issues
See also R01ac Attitudes to region of residence
A08ab02Attitudes to one self2
See also A02ad Attitudes to own activity pattern
See also A03ac Attitudes to affective life
See also A04af01 Attitudes to one's own age
See also B03ad Attitudes to one's body
See also C01ad01 Attitudes to one's own children
See also C04ac Attitudes to characteristics of one's children
See also C14ac02 Attitude to own cultural participation
See also E01ad Attitudes to one's education
See also E02ag Attitudes to own (un)employment
See also E04ac02 Attitudes to one's own ethnic status
See also F01al Attitudes to family of origin
See also F02ag Attitudes to family of procreation
See also F03ac Attitudes to family-life
See also H11ac01 Acceptance of own (un)happiness
See also H13ae Attitudes to own mental health
See also H14af Attitudes to own health
See also H20ad Attitudes to household-composition
See also I03ae Attitudes to own intelligence
See also I05ac Attitudes to own interests
See also L07ad Attitudes to own life-goals
See also L09ad Attitudes to one's life-style
See also L18ac Attitudes to own involvement in gambling
See also M16ac Attitudes to ones motivation
See also N15ac Attitudes to one's nutrition
See also Main subject: S02 SELF-IMAGE
See also V02ae Attitudes to own values
See also W07ac Attitudes to own worrying
A08ab03Attitudes to one's situation0
See also C01ad01 Attitudes to one's own children
See also C03ad Attitude to having children
See also C04ac Attitudes to characteristics of one's children
See also E02ag Attitudes to own (un)employment
See also Main subject: F01 FAMILY OF ORIGIN (earlier family for adults, current for young)
See also F01al Attitudes to family of origin
See also F03ac Attitudes to family-life
See also H16ah Attitudes to own therapies
See also I01af Attitudes to own income
See also I06ad Respondents attitudes to interview
See also I07af Attitudes to intimates
See also L03ad03 Satisfaction with leisure
See also L05ac03 Satisfaction with life-change
See also L19ac Attitudes to one's love-life
See also M03ac Attitudes to current marriage-relationship
See also M04af Own attitudes to spouse
See also M09ac Attitudes to residential mobility
See also O01ad Attitudes to one's occupation
See also P10ac Attitudes to own popularity
See also P12ac02 Attitude to saving
See also R12af03 Satisfaction with religion
See also R13ac Attitudes to own resources
See also R14ag02 Satisfaction with retirement
See also R15ac Attitudes to own roles
See also S03ac Attitudes to one's sex-life
See also S06ac Attitudes to personal contacts
See also S07ac Attitudes to organizational participation
See also S08ac Attitudes to total social participation
See also S09ad Attitudes to own social status
See also S10ac Attitudes to social support received
See also S11ac Attitudes to own support behavior
See also S12ac02 Satisfaction with sporting
See also T01af Attitudes to own time-behavior
See also Main subject: V05 VALUES: LIVING UP TO
See also V06ad Attitudes to victimization
See also W01ac Attitudes to war
A08ab04Attitudes to price development1rise of prices, decline of prices
A08ab05Attitude to investment0shares
A08acOwn attitudinal organization0organisation
See also P04ab Personality integration
See also Main subject: P05 PERSONALITY: CURRENT TRAITS
A08ac01Attitudinal consistency2
A08ac02Attitudinal consonance0homogeneity of outlook
See also Main subject: V04 VALUES: SIMILARITY (current fit with others)
A08ac03Attitudinal (dis)functionality1appropriate, healthy outlook
See also H13ab01 Expert ratings of mental health
A08ac04Attitudinal rigidity1
See also P05cn Rigid
A08ac05Attitudinal stability2
See also H04aa03 Retrospective changes in happiness (unspecified)
See also H04aa05 Expected change in happiness (period unspecified)
See also H04ab02 Actual changes in happiness
A08adAttitude to attitudinal climate0
A08ad01Attitudinal climate (attitudes of others)1
See also N02ab01 Attitudinal climate in nation
See also N02ab06 Value climate in the nation
A08ad01aClimate of attitudes to the nation0
See also Main subject: N01 NATION: ATTITUDES TO ONE'S NATION
A08ad01bClimate of attidudes to work2
See also N02ab01aa Satisfaction with work in nation
See also Main subject: W05 WORK: ATTITUDES