Findings on Happiness and LEISURE

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
L03LEISURE1leisure activity, relaxing, resting, involvement in pleasurable activities, leisure , consumption pattern
See also Main subject: L09 LIFE STYLE
See also L12ab04af Leisure facilities in vinicity
L03aaLeisure career0
L03aa01Earlier leisure4
L03aa01aEarlier travel1
See also A02ac05 Leisure
See also A02ac14 Vacationing
See also Main subject: M17 MOBILITY (travel)
L03aa01bEarlier satisfaction with leisure4
L03aa02Change in leisure1
L03aa02aChange in leisure activity-level1
L03aa02bChange in specific leisure activities9experience of novelty,
L03aa02cChange in satisfaction with leisure2change in attitudes to leisure, change in attitudes to leisure
L03aa03Later leisure3
L03aa03aLater satisfaction with leisure4
L03abCurrent leisure time16leisure, rest, time spend on leisure
See also T01ad Current time-usage
L03acCurrent leisure activity14leisure activity, leisure behavior, own involvement in sports
See also E02ad Size of current job
L03ac01Leisure activity level26
See also Main subject: A01 ACTIVITY (how much one does)
L03ac02Specific leisure activities10leisure activities
See also I05ab Current interests
L03ac02aCulture5cinema, concert theatre, museum
See also C10ab03d Experiences
See also C14ab Current cultural participation
See also C14ab01 Passive participation
L03ac02aaMusic listening2
See also C14ab01 Passive participation
L03ac02bEating/drinking out6eating out,
See also S13ab01 Use of alcohol
See also A02ac03 Gaming
See also I04ab04bd Gaming
See also T01ad05 Time spend on leisure
L03ac02fInternet, social media82facebook, twitter
See also A02ac04 Internet use
See also A02ac04b Social media
See also C10ac01a on internet
See also F06ac02 Contact on social media
See also F06ad04 Online friends
See also P12ab02ba Internet at home
See also T01ad04 Time spend on internet
See also T01ad06b Time spend on social media
L03ac02gPersonal care2
L03ac02hReading15own participation in culture, personal attendance,
See also A02ac06 Reading
See also C14ab Current cultural participation
L03ac02jSocializing1contact. Talk
See also A02ac10 Socializing
See also Main subject: M17 MOBILITY (travel)
See also P12ab02ea Car
See also Main subject: T03 TRAVEL
L03ac02lTv watching, radio listening23personal attendance, television watching,
See also A02ac13 TV watching, radio listening
See also L03aa02b Change in specific leisure activities
See also P12ab02bb Tv
L03ac02mVoluntary work3
See also S07ab03 Voluntary work
L03ac03Place of leisure (indoor vs outdoor)7
See also A02ac14 Vacationing
See also M15ad02 Mood at home
L03ac04Leisure skills0competente
L03adAttitudes to leisure7
L03ad01Concern about leisure9
L03ad02Leisure aspirations5
L03ad03Satisfaction with leisure86
See also M15ad03 Mood during leisure
L03ad03aSatisfaction with time for leisure14time for leisure
See also T01af02 Satisfaction with time-use
L03ad03bSatisfaction with leisure activities60leisure activities
See also A02ad Attitudes to own activity pattern
L03ad03cSatisfaction with leisure services3