Findings on Happiness and LEADERSHIP

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
L02LEADERSHIP0leadership behavior, dominant behavior, human resource management
See also C08ab08 Social competences
See also Main subject: F05 FREEDOM
See also O01ac01e Supervisory tasks
See also Main subject: P09 POLITICAL BEHAVIOUR
L02aaLeadership career1
L02aa01Earlier leadership0
L02aa02Change in leadership0
L02aa03Later leadership0
L02abCurrent leadership behavior5management, human resource management
See also H21ab03a Household management
See also W04ab11c Leadership of boss
L02ab01Leadership ambition2motivation to influence, achievement
See also L07ab08 Object of life-goals
See also O01ad01a Occupational aspirations
See also P05ab Ambitious
See also P05au01 Need for dominance
L02ab02Taking leading roles5authoritarian behavior
See also O01ab02 Kind of occupation (profession)
L02ab03Leadership style0democratic behavior, authoritarian, democratic,
See also Main subject: P05 PERSONALITY: CURRENT TRAITS
L02acCompliance to leaders2cooperative behavior,
See also P05cz Solidary, cooperative
L02adAttitudes to own leadership0attitudes to leadership,