Findings on Happiness and INTERVIEW

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
I06aaInterview conditions0
I06aa01Moment of the interview5
I06aa01aDay of the week3
I06aa01bMonth of the year2
I06aa01cSpecial day1
I06aa01dTime of first interview (in follow-up study)1Baseline. Year of inclusion in panel
I06aa02Context of the interview2
I06aa02aGood or bad weather3weather at the time of interview,
I06aa02bPlace of interview0
I06aa02cOthers present during interview2
I06aa03Method of interrogation13face-to-face, questionnaire, web, CATO, CAPI
I06aa04Characteristics of the interviewer1
See also P05ah Approval seeking
I06aa05Language of the interview2
See also Main subject: L01 LANGUAGE
I06ab01Sequence of items16
I06ab02Prior mood-manipulation7experimental mood-manipulation, experimental mood-manipulation
See also M15ab01 Mood during the interview
I06ab03Response scale10answer options, anwser format
I06ab04Repeated questioning over time1learning effect, panel effect
I06acRespondent behavior1in interview, response tendencies
I06ac01Non response, refusal4
See also Main subject: H18 HELPING
I06ac02Panel-dropout4panel drop-out,
I06ac03Response tendencies10behavior in interview,
See also P05ae Agreeing, yea-saying
See also P05ah Approval seeking
See also P05cd Open
See also P05cv Self-disclosing
I06adRespondents attitudes to interview9attitude to interview,
See also A08ab Current attitudes
I06aeProblems with understanding the interview1language