Findings on Happiness and INSTITUTIONAL LIVING

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
I02INSTITUTIONAL LIVING0non-family living,
See also C03ab03 Non-biological children
See also Main subject: C07 COMMUNAL LIVING
See also F01ab02b No living parents
See also Main subject: M12 MILITARY LIFE
See also Main subject: P13 PRISON
See also S01ad02 School-type
I02aaDevelopments in intitutional living1
See also Main subject: L01 LANGUAGE
I02aa01Ever lived in an institutional setting4earlier household, earlier institutional living,
See also L08aa Earlier life (antecedents of happiness)
I02aa02Change in institutional living0change in household,
I02aa02aBefore and after entrance1
I02aa02bBefore and after leave1
I02aa03Length of current stay in institution6
I02aa04Later institutional living1later household,
I02abCurrent living in an institution or not2domicile, hospitalization, mental hospital,
See also Main subject: H20 HOUSEHOLD: COMPOSITION
I02ab01Living in a children's home5orphanage
I02ab02Living in a cloister0convent, monastery
See also R12ad04 Living in a convent
I02ab03Living in a mental hospital2psychiatric ward
See also H16ab04b In mental hospital
I02ab04Living in a home for handicapped2
See also H02ab Current handicap
See also H14ac Current functional health
See also H17ae Setting of medical treatment
I02ab05Living in a military camp0barracks
See also Main subject: M12 MILITARY LIFE
I02ab06Living in an old age home3care home, geriatric institution,
See also F02aa Family career (family life-cycle)
See also H02ab Current handicap
See also H14ac Current functional health
I02ab06aLiving in a nursing home1end of life care
See also H17ae Setting of medical treatment
I02ab07Living in a prison3correctional, jail
I02ab08Living in sheltered housing1
See also I02ab04 Living in a home for handicapped
I02acBehavior in institution4adjustment to life in nursing home, in institution, current rebellion
I02adCharacteristics of institution1
I02ad01Restrictiveness of setting6autonomy, freedom
See also F05ab03 Current absence of restrictions (social freedom)
See also P05bp Inner locus of control
I02ad01aSay in care delivery1
I02ad02Group morale2happiness of inmates, institutional morale, contacts with inmates
I02ad03Organizational change in institution1change at work, change in household,
I02ad04Quality of staff in institution2
I02ad05Size of institution1
See also H20ab03 Number of persons in household
I02aeContact outside the institution1
See also F03ab02 Contacts with relatives
I02afAttitudes to institution8adjustment to life in nursing home, attitudes to institutional living ,
See also S01af Attitudes to school
See also Main subject: W05 WORK: ATTITUDES
I02af01Satisfaction with care2
I02af02Satisfaction with privacy1
See also Main subject: S01 SCHOOL
I02af03Satisfaction with safety1
See also L17ac03 Perceived safety in vinicity