Findings on Happiness and ANOMY

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
A06ANOMY0alienation, sense of estrangement, attitudes to social order, deviant attitudes, subjective sense of belonging, moral convictions, climate of morality, rebellious attitudes, rejection of society, satisfaction with moral climate
See also N11ab10 Cynism in nation
See also V02ab01e Acceptance cheating on taxes
A06aaDevelopment of anomy14career, evolution, ontogeny
See also Main subject: P01 PERFORMANCE
A06aa01Earlier anomy0
See also P02ab30 Earlier trusting
A06aa02Change in anomy0
A06aa03Later anomy0
See also P06ab11 Later trusting
A06abCurrent anomy21
See also M15ac10a Feeling involved (vs detached)
See also S01af06 Sense of belonginness at school