Findings on Happiness and AGE

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
A04AGE4lifestage, maturation
See also A04af01d Attitude to ageing (getting older)
See also Main subject: L08 LIFE HISTORY
See also L11ab01 Age distribution in vinicity
See also R03ab01 Age composition in region
A04aaAge career0
A04aa02Stage of life20life course, menarche, menopause, phase of life, period in personal life, age, teenage, life stage, youth
See also Main subject: F02 FAMILY OF PROCREATION
See also Main subject: R14 RETIREMENT
A04aa02aTimelines of life stage transition2timelines of life changes, timelines of transition
See also Main subject: L05 LIFE CHANGE
A04abCurrent age (in years)652
See also E03ab01ba Trend happiness in age groups
A04ab01Young versus old30
A04ab02Age difference among young people29
A04ab03Age difference among elderly58
A04acGeneration3birth cohort
See also Main subject: L08 LIFE HISTORY
A04adRelative age1being younger or older
A04aeTime trend of happiness in age categories4trend
A04afAttitudes to age0views on age, growing old
A04af01Attitudes to one's own age2
See also S02ad03 Evaluation of aspects of self
A04af01aSubjective age (how old one feels)2mental maturity
A04af01bAge identification2
See also Main subject: S02 SELF-IMAGE
A04af01cSatisfaction with age4
A04af01dAttitude to ageing (getting older)5
A04af02Own attitude to older people1