Happiness measure, code: A-AOL-m-mq-v-4-a

Selfreport on 3 questions

We have a few questions regarding your feelings right now at this moment. We use scales that range from the absence of a feeling to its maximum intensity of that feeling. Please, decide first whether you experience the feeling described by a particular mood word. If you do not experience it, please respond with 1. If you do experience the feeling slightly, respond 2, if you feel it moderately, use 3 and if you feel it strongly use 4
A unpleasant
B pleasant
C positive
D negative
E good
F bad
Response options
1 do not feel it
2 I feel it slightly
3 I feel it moderately
4 I feel it strongly

Computation: (A-B)+(C-D)+(E-F)/3

Name: P dimension of PAT scale (Pleasure-Awake-Tension)
Focus, A-AOL Affect: Average Overall Level
Time frame, m momentary (now)
Mode, mq multiple questions
Scale type, v verbal scale Range = 4
Used in studies