Happiness measure, code: A-AB-mi-mqr-?-4-a

Selfreport on 18 questions answered twice a daton 28 consequtive days

…how you usually feel ..(full text not reported
a fortunate
b optivistic
c happy
e satisfied
f pleased
g delighted
h gay
I unconcerned
j unhappy
k dejected
l gloomy
m gloomy
n sad
o depressed
p sorry
q woried
r serious

1 - - definitively incorrect
2 -
4 ++ definitively correct

Name: Hedonic Affect Dimension (Sjoberg, Svensson & Persson 1979) Similar to pleasant-unpleasant dimansion of MACL
Focus, A-AB Affect Affect Balance (various)
Time frame, mi last instant
Mode, mqr multiple questions, repeated (number not reported)
Scale type, ? scale not reported Range = 4
Used in studies