Happiness measure, code: A-AB-g-mq-*-11-a

Selfreport on 10 questions:

A I am a nervouw person
B I get upset easily
C I worry about a lot of things
1 false
2 mostly false
3 more false than true
4 more true than false
5 mostly true
6 true

D Generally, I am happy
E I laugh several times a day
F My mood is generally cheertfull
G I do not find that I leugh often
H I Ismile often
I I do not laugh and smile at many things
J I smlile an dlaugh at a lot of things
1 usualklky false
2 more false than true
3 more true than false
4 usually true

Computation: ((D+E+F+H+H+I+J) x 1,5)/7 - (A+B+C)/3

D-J iItems in Windle and Lerner (1986) scale of positive affect
Focus, A-AB Affect Affect Balance (various)
Time frame, g generally
Mode, mq multiple questions
Scale type, * Different rating scales combined Range = 11
Used in studies