Happiness measure, code: A-BB-cw-mq-v-2-c

Selfreport on 10 questions

If you think about... how you felt in the last week. You felt
A interested to do something all the time
B bored
C tired
D that life is wonderful
E proud because someone had complimented you
F sad
G very lonely or remore from other people
H ..that something good happens to you
I delighetd by what you realized
J upset because someone criticized you

1: yes
0: no

Computation: (A+D+E+H+I) -(B+C+F+G+J)

Name: adjusted Bradburn Affect Balance Scale
Focus, A-BB Affect: Balance (Bradburn's 8 item index
Time frame, cw last week
Mode, mq multiple questions
Scale type, v verbal scale Range = 2
Used in studies