Happiness measure, code: A-CA-mi-tsb-v-9-a

Time sampling of happy behaviors:

Infant's behavior was video-taped. Ratings are done by the interviewer after the administration of the Bayley and after the other home visit procedures.

"General emotional tone: Degree of happiness"
1 Child seems unhappy throughout the testing period
2 Between 1 and 3
3 At times rather unhappy, but may respond happily to
interesting procedures
4 Between 3 and 5
5 Moderately happy: may become upset but recovers
fairly easily
6 Between 5 and 7
7 Generally appears to be in a happy state of well-being
8 Between 7 and 9
9 Radiates happiness; nothing is upsetting; animated

Item in Infant Behavior Record (IBR)
Focus, A-CA Affect: Cheerful Appearance
Time frame, mi last instant
Mode, tsb time sampling of happy behaviors
Scale type, v verbal scale Range = 9
Used in studies