Happiness measure, code: C-W-c-*-v-7-a

Selfreport on 3 questions:

A: We would like to ask your opinions about the life you are living now. We ask you to indicate FIVE crucial things for your life.

Five blank text boxes presented for writing answers

B: Giving weight to each thing, we now ask you to measure the feeling you have about each of the things you mentioned, using the following measures
0 extremely disstrssing to the extend you feared
1 very bad, but not as disstressing as you feared
2 bad, but not as much as you feared
3 good (healthy) condition
4 good, but not as much as you wanted
5 very good, but not to the fullest extend you had hoped
6 just as I had hoped

Rating scale presented horizontally right to each textbox with statement about crucial areas in life

Extremes additionally labeled as
- as bad as could possibly be
- as good as could possibly be

C: We want you to 'spend' 10 points to show which areas of your life are most important to your overall quality of life.

Blank textbox presented horizontally right to rating scale

Name: Camfield & Rutta (2007) Global Person Generated Index (GPGI)
Focus, C-W Contentment: getting things Wanted
Time frame, c currently (today, these days, presently)
Mode, * multiple observations
Scale type, v verbal scale Range = 7
Used in studies