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 Deviant behavior, with 16 publications.

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  Happiness and L08aa Earlier life (antecedents of happiness)
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ReferenceHanniball et al. (2018)
Author(s)Hanniball, K.H.; Aknin, L.B.; Douglas, K.; Viljoen, J.L.
TitleDoes Helping Promote Well-Being in At-Risk Youth and Ex-Offender Samples?
SourceJournal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2018,
WWW linkhttps://reader.elsevier.com/reader/sd/pii/S0022103118304219?token=26C1BD3F8048009E85C8FF2229411846CD18135F167435AD46FDF4FF990A0008024CA252990C0189C40FD04D590AA710
DOI linkdoi:org/10.1016/j.jesp.2018.11.001
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