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Subject Gender dysphoria (ICD code F64)

Additional keywords: androgyn, cross-sexe, gender identity disorder, gender incongruence, cross-dressing, transsexual, travestite, queer

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  Happiness and G01ad Gender preference, non-conforming gender identity
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ReferenceCadenas Blanco et al. (2019)
Author(s)Cadenas Blanco, M.; Fernandez Rodriguez, M.; Garcia Vega, E.; Guerra Mora, P.
TitleLife satisfaction in people with gender dysphoria: control case study (Satisfaccion con la vida en personas con disforia de genero: Estudio caso-control)
SourceRevista desexologia, 8(1):5-12
Eligiblefor Findings archive: Yes and entered:
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ReferenceGijs & Brewaeys (2007)
Author(s)Gijs, L.; Brewaeys, A.
TitleSurgical Treatment of Gender Dysphoria in Adults and Adolescents: Recent Developments, Effectiveness, and Challenges.
SourceJournal Annual Review of Sex Research 2007, Vol. 18, 178 - 224
WWW linkhttps://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/10532528.2007.10559851
Eligiblefor Findings archive: Not, no acceptable measure of happiness used.

ReferenceRabito-Alcon & Rodríguez-Molina (2016)
Author(s)Rabito-Alcon, M.F.; Rodríguez-Molina, J.M.
TitleSatisfaction with Life and Psychological Well-being in People with Gender Dysphoria
SourceActas Españolas de Psiquiatría, 2016, Vol. 44, 47 - 54
WWW linkhttps://www.actaspsiquiatria.es/repositorio/18/100/ENG/18-100-ENG-47-54-885183.pdf
Eligiblefor Findings archive: Yes, but not yet entered.

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Gender dysphoria (ICD code F64)

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