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ReferenceBinswanger et al. (2010)
Author(s)Binswanger, M.; Delhey, J.; VonBrück, M.
TitleZufrieden trotz sinkenden materiellen Wohlstands. (Satisfaction in Spite of Declining).
SourceMemorandum der Arbeitsgruppe "Zufriedenheit"des Ameranger Disputs der Ernst Freiberger-Stiftung, 2010, Amerang, Germany
WWW linkhttp://www.denkwerkzukunft.de/index.php/aktivitaeten/index/MemoZufriedenheit
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ReferenceBjornskov (2006a)
Author(s)Bjornskov, C.
TitleIdeological Interpretation of Easterlin's Income-Happiness Paradox: A Warning.
SourcePaper Aarhus School of Business, May 2006, Denmark
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ReferenceBoyce et al. (2013)
Author(s)Boyce, C.J.; Banks, J.; Wood, A.M.
TitleMoney, Well-Being, and Loss Aversion: Does an Income Loss have a Greater Effect on Well-Being than an Equivalent Income Gain?
SourcePsychological Science, 2013, Vol. 24, 2557 - 2562
WWW linkhttp://www2.warwick.ac.uk/alumni/services/eportfolios/psrfbb/loss_aversion_-_boyce_et_al._psychscience_version_before_review.pdf
DOI linkDOI:10.1177/095679613496436
ISSN0956 7976
ISSN_online1467 9280
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ReferencePennock (2016a)
Author(s)Pennock, M.
TitleWellbeing, Economic Development and Economic Growth: a Literature Synthesis and Proposed Theory.
SourceInternational Journal of Happiness and Development, 2016, Vol. 3, 1 - 21
WWW linkhttps://www.inderscienceonline.com/doi/abs/10.1504/IJHD.2016.076196
Eligiblefor Findings archive: Not, no acceptable measure of happiness used.

ReferenceRichins (1996)
Author(s)Richins, M.L.
TitleMaterialism, Desire and Discontent.
SourceHill, R.P.;Ed.: "Marketing and Consumer Research in the Public Interest", Sage, 1996, London, UK, 109 - 132
ISBN8039 7190
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