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 Cb01.01.04Do people report honestly about their happiness?, with 34 publications.
 Ua02.02Being morally sound, with 5 publications.
 Fc01.01Charity, with 3 publications.
 Jc10Genuine, with 0 publications.

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ReferenceSteger et al. (2008)
Author(s)Steger, M.F.; Kashdan, T.B.; Oishi, S.
TitleBeing Good by Doing Good: Daily Eudaimomic Activity and Well-Being.
SourceJournal of Research in Personality, 2008, Vol. 42, 22 - 42
DOI linkDOI:10.1016/j.jrp.2007.03.004
ISSN0022 1023
ISSN_online1095 7251
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