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Subject Ua03 Specific views on happiness

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 Bd01Components of happiness, with 70 publications.
 Bd02Variable aspects of happiness, with 9 publications.

ReferenceBrülde (2007a)
Author(s)Brülde, B.
TitleHappiness Theories of the Good Life.
SourceJournal of Happiness Studies, 2007, Vol. 8, 15 - 49.
DOI linkDOI:10.1007/s10902-006-9003-8
ISSN1573 7780
ISSN_online1389 4978
Eligiblefor Findings archive: Not, no new data on happiness in time frame ‘presently’.

ReferenceBusseri & Sadava (2011)
Author(s)Busseri, M.A.; Sadava, S.W.
TitleA Review of the Tripartite Structure of Subjective Well-Being: Implications for Conceptualization, Operationalization, Analysis, and Synthesis.
SourcePersonality and Social Psychology Review, 2011, 15 (3) 290-314
WWW linkhttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21131431
DOI linkDOI: 10.1177/1088868310391271
ISSN1088 8683
ISSN_online1532 7957
Eligiblefor Findings archive: Not, no acceptable measure of happiness used.

ReferenceDavid & Boniwell (2013)
Author(s)David, S.A.; Boniwell, I.
TitlePhilosophical Methods in Happiness Research
SourceThe Oxford Handbook of Happiness, 2013, Chapter 24, 315 - 325
WWW linkhttp://www.oxfordhandbooks.com/view/10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199557257.001.0001/oxfordhb-9780199557257-e-024
Eligiblefor Findings archive: Unknown

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Ua03 Specific views on happiness

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