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CORRELATION of HAPPINESS and BEHAVIOR: What happy people do





CONSEQUENCES of HAPPINESS: Effects of enjoying life or not


VIEWS ON ONE'S OWN HAPPINESS (beliefs about happines, not actual happiness)

VIEWS ON HAPPINESS IN PUBLIC OPINION: Sociology of happiness ideas



Mixed multiple correlates of happiness

DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 Research field, strand000
Development of happiness researchdevelopment of happiness research, annals, chronology, seminal0137
Prominence of happiness as a research topicinterest in happiness0434
Problems in the study of happiness003
Questions and approachesperspectives, views on happiness, questions on happiness, theory0115
Relevancesignificance, importance1343
Reviews of the literature on happinessstate of the art, overview, literature survey, research synthesis510213
Bibliographiesliterature review, reference work,1116
Methods used in happiness research (other than cross-sections)methodology, statistics1516
Cross national studies on happinesscross cultural, trans-national38711181796
Experimental studies on happinesstrial, test69103399
Longitudinal studies on happinessover time, repeated observation, wave, cross-sectional125143486
Follow-up of individualspanel1667051212
Trend happinesscohort, time series70259359
Meta-analysisquantitative research synthesis, review91385
Methods in meta-analysis of happiness01148
Delphi studyExpert's views003
Multi-moment assessment of happinessrepeated observation of momentary experience, beeper, electronic104583
Experience sampling (ESM)beeper. Momentary mood1865126
Day reconstruction moment (DRM)diary, yesterday73762
Qualitative studies on happinessactor perspective, focussed interview, eye of beholder, story1023145
Statistical analysis013
Instrumental variable analysis1910
Mendelian randomisationcausal inference, genetic polymorphisims001
Multi-level studies on happiness107292
Research infrastructure for happinessfacilities, organization001
Data setsprimary data, data archive, secundary analysis428
Findings archivedata archive, database, repository0014
Research organizations involved with happinessresearch associations, institutes001
Publics: some much studied populationssocial categories, groups, population035
Happiness in age-groupsgeneration, maturation2412
In childrenyouth81061
Pre-school childrenkindergarten, toddler, nursery, play school2610
Basic school childrenelementary school, primary school, school age1542116
High school pupils, adolescentssecondary school, teen agers, gframmer school62226556
Children with disabilitieshandicap, retarded, special education004
In young adults30+, twenties, school leavers84068
In middle aged peoplemid life, 40+, 50+12037
In elderly peopleaged, retired, 65+, seniors, pensioners1873181374
Happiness in care givershelping012
Happiness in deviantsabnormal, a-typical, weird000
Criminalscrook, law breaker001
Happiness in high performersachievers, excell, succesful, top000
High IQgenius002
Inventorspatent holders001
Top sporterwinner236
Happiness in minoritiesoutsider, outgroup005
Happiness in ethnic minoritiesrace, religion83150
Happiness in migrantsemigrants, immigrants,4783193
Happiness in sexual minoritiesLTGB, bi-sexual, homosexual, transgender2319
Homo-sexualsgay, lesbian058
Trans-sexualsgender non-conforming2521
Happiness in sex workersprostitutes101
Happiness in non-modern peoplehunter-gatherers, primitive02452
Happiness in patientsdisabeled, handicapped, ill, sick, in treatment52107254
Addicitsalcoholic, drug dependency023
Mental patientsmental defect, psychological disorder037
Depressivesmelacholics, mood disorder215
Nursing home residentsinstitutional living108
Happiness in very rich or poor peopledeprived, low income013
Happiness in studentscollege, university, school, tertiary education91279738
Happiness in twinsmonozygotic, dizygotic81647
Happiness in unemployed peoplejobless35132220
Happiness in working people047
Teacherseducator, instructor, professor011
Happiness in retireespension2241115
Happiness in war veterans000
Happiness in widows011
Topics in the study of happinesssubject, issue002
Allocation efficiency; difference in happiness of people with random preference patternharmony, consistency, congruity, conflict012
Environmental efficiency of wellbeingcosts of happiness022
Happiness in historyannals, chronology, past, review1615
Inequality of happinessdispersion, spread, standard deviation184577
Mediatorscausal links02240
Moderatorscontingencies, difference in correlation across publics and situations45286
CIT analysis000
Similarity in happinessequality, sameness011
Shape of relationshipdeclining utility, linear, non-linear, u-shaped, l-shaped, convex000
Shape happiness itself, difference on happy/unhappy peopleshape of relationship044
Shape relationship with correlate of happinessconvex, curvilinear, declining, linear, marginal utility01317
Utility estimatesfinal value of goods and services000
Financial equivalencecost, money value, monetary compensation, utility calculation155279
Unexplained component in prices011
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 idea, conception, construct, notion, theory1221
Problems of conceptualizing happinessdelineate, define, describe007
Meanings of the word happinessconnotations, semiology2027
Meanings in common languageetiology, use of word, speech, folk concepts2550
Meanings in scientific languageformal definition, delineation4687
Definition of happinessconceptualisation, denotation, description0018
Aspects of happinesselements of happiness, components0214
Components of happinessstructure of happiness, constitutuve elements, kinds, variants. Affective wellbeing, hedonic level of affect, average mood, cognitive component, contentment, volitional wellbeing181775
Affective component: Hedonic Levelaffect balance, mood001
Cognitive component: Contentmentrealization of wants001
Do people see the difference?101
Variable aspects of happinessfeatures of happiness119
Appropriatenessapt, correct, proper, right, wrong, functional003
Certaintyambiguity, doubt, equivical000
Stabilityconstancy, permanence000
Difference with wider notions of wellbeingdivergence, hedonic vs eudaimonic1673
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 assessment, indicator, quantification, rating0214
Reviews of literature on measurement of happinessliterature survey0113
Reviews of measures used in particular populations (place, time, people)state of the art, literature004
Measurability of happinessmeasurable, measurably, mensurable3546
Validity of happiness measurementsbias, bilivability, credibility, soundness, trustworthy10939
Validity doubtsqualms, reservations002
Do people distinguish between happiness and related matters?conceptual differentiation, confusion, mix up012
Do people distinguish between variants of happiness?components of happiness, overall happiness,life satisfaction, hedonic level, contentment, affective, cognitive101
Do people know their true happiness?concious, false happiness, self understanding, introspection019
Do people respond to questions about happinessdon't know. no answer, non-response, reluctance, reservation DK/NA023
Do people report honestly about their happiness?desirability bias, truthfulness51337
How do people interpret questions on happiness?interpretation, meaning001
Is happiness sufficiently stable?constant, shifty, unsteady, variable134
Can happiness indicators be validated?gauged, checked, controlled1510
Reliability of happiness measurementserror, consistence, flaw, reproducible, trustworthy, weakness41937
Sources of biasdistortion, inaccuracy001
Anonymitypresence of others, privacy, social desirability011
Contextual biassituational influences12235
Conversational biaseffect of interview003
Day of the weekweekend effect, midweek effect, Monday effect, Fruyday effect TGIF0911
Effects of follow-up interviewspanel conditioning033
Effect of weather during interviewcloud, sunshine, rain, temperature01313
Interviewer biasinterrogation problems226
Method effectstechnique of assesment52235
Mood state biasfeeling bias014
Response shiftanswer change over time002
Response style biasanswer style, response tendency3515
Retrospective biasfalse memory, memory distortion, recollection055
Correction of biascontrol, rectification259
Comparability of happiness measurementsdifference, equivalence, similarity2312
Comparability across measuresequivalence014
Techniques for improving comparabilitystandardization, homogeinization, scale interval method, reference distribution method, Thurstone method, linear stretch1821
Comparison across populations013
Comparison across nations/languagescross-cultural comparison1533100
Comparison across personsinter personal comparison1213
Comparison over timelongitudinal, over time025
Measurement problemsmeasurement, quantification, psycho-metric016
Cardinal treatment of ordinal measurementequidistance023
Single questionsitem, multiple questions314
Representativenesssampling error012
Selectivity in non-response to questions about happinessdon't know, no answer, DK/NA035
Selectivity in panel drop-out001
Imputation of missing casesrepresentativeness001
Response behaviordrop-out, refusal, no answer023
Answer timeease of response011
Vulnerability for focal value choiceextreme options, mid option000
Comprehensibility for childreninderstandable001
Measures of overall happinesslife satisfaction, life as a whole, global judgement5227
Self-report on direct questionsright away, obtrusive, straight, not indirect, self rating, self report2419
Closed questionsmultiple choice, forced response, pre coded, response options3924
Content of questionssubject, wording, lead question216
Rating scalesresponse options11231
Repeated questionsexperience sampling, multiple moment measurement011
Time-frame of questionstemporal reference114
Order of questions011
Open questionsfree response, open ended035
Life chartlife graph005
Focused interviewdiscursive interrogation, qualitative, targeted125
Sentence completionprojective measure000
Self-report on indirect questioningconstucted, implied, inferred, inventory, scale, test, unobtrusive0110
Enjoyed activitiestime use013
Memory balancereminiscence, retrospection, good and bad001
Projective measuresTAT, Rorschach, sentence completion049
Semantic differential scaleslife aspects, index, questionnaire, words202
Summed satisfaction with life aspectsaggregate, composite, index, multiple item, scale, questionnaire61572
Content-analysis of ego-documentsbiographies, diaries, letters, tweets002
positive/negative ratio in Tweetse-messages001
Rating by othersexternal assessment, other rating, peer rating,4931
Measures of hedonic levelaffect, affect balance, affective component, emotional, feeling, mood3218
Self-report on direct questionsinterogation, interview, item, right away, self report, straight000
Questions on how one generally feelsdaily mood, mood level, self report228
Repeated questions on mood of the momentbeeper, diary, ecological assesment, experience sampling EMS, multiple-moment measurement, time sampling41639
Self-report on indirect questionsimplied, inferred, inventory, scale, test, unobtrusive001
Average of specific affectsinventory, scale, semantic differential, summed affect023
Balance of positive and negative affectabs, affect balance scale, mood level82059
Projective indicatorsTAT, Rorschach, sentence completion023
Time happy/unhappyups downs, mood112
Rating by othersexternal assesment, peer rating, expert ratingh, staff rating, teacher rating, parent rating131850
Rating of mood from face/voicebehavioural indication, body language1010
Rating of mood from word usevalence of words003
Inference on the basis of observed behaviorbehavioral indicators000
Indicators of hedonic level in animalsanimal mood001
Measures of contentmentcognitive component, perceived realization of wants, volitional wellbeing014
Self-report on direct questionitem236
Self-report on indirect questionsinferred, index, inventory, scale027
Rating by othersexternal assessment, expert rating, peer rating216
Mixed measures of happinesscomposite measures, mixed measures, multiple aspect measures2619
Single direct questionsitem, self report214
Multiple direct questionsindex, inventory, scale, test4627
Focused interviewdiscursive interrogation, targeted001
Self-report on indirect questionsinferred, contructed, not straightforward014
Rating by othersexternal assessment, peer rating, expert rating3115
Correspondence of happiness ratingsequivalence, similarity, association, correlation11124
Affect-contentment configurationcombination, configuration31422
Factor structure of happiness inventoriescluster, scale structure, multiple questions1232110
Intercorrelations between happiness indicatorsassociation, statistical relation27102167
ESM/DRM correspondence011
ESM/global correspondenceaverage mood in the moment vs estimates of average mood011
Aggregate measures of happiness in collectivitiescumulative, combined, summed, total, collective126
Average happinessdistribution, central tendency, mean happiness, greatest number102
Inequality in happinessdisparity, dispersion, unequal, standard deviation, spread3818
Inequality-adjusted happinessiah127
Happiness of the least happyNegative utilitarisism, Rawlsian happiness101
Combinations with with other variables to denote wellbeingmultiplex index024
Happy Life Yearshappiness adjusted life years, haly. hly71334
HLY+ variantsHappy Planet Index, Environmentally Responsible Happy nation Index002
Stability of happinessvariability, permanence000
Thriving/sufferingGallup index001
Time unhappyu-index012
Indicators of public mood in ' Big Data'opinion climate, sentiment, spirit of the age, Zeitgeist017
Hedonic tone in public communicationsBig data, valance of words1210
Topics of interest in media and internet searches011
Inferred happiness, on basis of known conditions001
Measures of life appraisals other than happinessinvalid016
Multiple questions involving invalid onesinventory, scale, test,1823
Adjustment scaleseudaimonic, living well, positive mental health, quality of life, wellbeing2550
Adjustment to life in nursing home001
Health related quality-of-lifeHQOL, patient reported outcomes, PRO71563
Authentic Happiness Inventory000
Love of life001
Morale in old ageadjustment to old age, succesful ageing3345
Peace of mind001
Phenomenology of happinesslived experience, mental gestalt of happiness2229
Uses of happiness measuresapplications017
Measures of happiness RECODEindicators, tests005
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 distribution, epidemiology, frequency, occurance, predominance104
Do people evaluate their life?assess, judge137
Do people have an idea of happiness?aware, concious, evaluation, judge126
Certainty of happinesssure, unambiguous000
Are people typically positive about their life?favorable, negative, neutral, rosy6632
How stable is happiness?constant, fixed, set point, trait, unstable, changing, short lived, long term164098
How permanent are happiness judgments?stable, trait2933110
In what conditions the most stable?circumstances, preconditions31826
Is stability better than instability?value023
Perceived stability of one's happiness000
Divergence in components of happinessaffective-cognitive, need-want discrepancy033
Level of happiness: how happy are people?average, degree, level, meam125
In placesarea, region, territory001
Worldglobal, earth, world wide2813
Parts of the worldcontinent183260
Nationscountry, land, state262313647
Stability of nation ranking022
Regionsdistrict, canton, county, province, territory4588157
Citiestown, urban, capital, metropolis, suburb164370
Quartersparts of cities, districts, municipality, ward045
Rural villages011
In publics in nationscategory, group8717
Happiness in age groups in nationsgeneration, cohort224
Happiness of children in nationsyouth, kids, teenager, baby, todler, infant11415
Happiness of adolescents in nationsteenager, youth, puberty, student, pupil71017
Happiness in young adults in nationstwens000
Happiness of working aged people in nationsworkforce359
Happiness of elderly in nationsaged, elders, old, pensioners31218
Happiness of ethnic groups in nationsallochtone, autochtone, minority, race, culture, language, migrants2410
Happiness of males/females in nationsgender, sexe067
Happiness of students in nationsacademia, school, university023
Most/least happy types in nationswinners, loosers011
Happiness in social contexts in nationsinstitutions, organizations000
Happiness in householdsfamily000
Happiness in institutionscloister, jail, military, nursing home000
Happiness in schoolscollege, university000
Happiness in workplacesfactory, office, work floor, workshop000
Inequality of happiness: how different?divergence, dispersion, spread, standard deviation000
Inequa;lity of happiness in parts of the worlddivergence, spread012
Inequality of happiness in nations045
Inequality of happiness in regions046
Inequality of happiness in publics012
How long and happy do people live?happiness adjusted life years, haly, happy life years hly. happy life expectancy, apparent livability4717
Happy life years in placesarea, district, region, territory011
Happy life years in publicscategory, group, people000
Happy life years over timetrend HLY011
Does happiness change over time?development, drift, era, longitudinal, period, stage, trend137
Trend of happiness in placesarea, region, territory5926
Trend in parts of the world012
Trend in national happinesscountry, state, land156278492
Trend in regional happinessarea, county, district, territory93755
Trend happiness in citiestown, urban, capital, metropolis, municipality4915
Trend happiness in publicsgroup, social category42226
Trend happiness in males and females01214
Trend happiness in age groupscohort, generation, working age, retired, adolexcents, children, youth, middle aged, elderly, old42328
Trend happiness among unemployedidle, jobless033
Trend happiness in ethnic groupsallochtone, autochtone, migrant, minority, race01011
Trend in marital categoriesmarried, separated, single, divorced, widow, never married235
Trend in socio-economic stratacast, class, rank, status2811
Ttrend among working peoplework force011
Trend in conditions for happinesscontingence, development, drift, over-time52028
Trend inequality in happinessdispersion, standard deviation349
Trend inequality in happiness across nationsinternational convergence, divergence022
Trend inequality of happiness within nations6815
Trend difference in inequality within nations across nationsconvergence, divergence033
Trend inequality of happiness in publics045
Trend inequality (happiness gap) accross income groups011
Happiness in historical timesHappiness in earlier generations115
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 habitability, livability, living environment, milieu, surroundings036
Happiness and natural environmentecology, nature0611
Climate/Seasonatmospheric conditions, cold, dry, hot, latitude, temperature, rain, weather, wet62740
Humiditydry, wet001
Summer/winter timetime schedule033
Temperaturecold, hot, warm, moderate012
Weatherrain, sun, temperature102
Variability of weather conditionsdrought, storm, climate change011
Naturecountryside, biotope, rural, urban01018
Scenic beautylandscape, surroundings036
Urban greenpark, garden, trees1710
Pollutionsmog, contamination, toxic waste, litter121736
Sustainabilitylong-term, exhaustion of natural resources034
Happiness and built environmentcity, buildings, streets, town, urban01014
Housingaccommodation, appartment, dwelling, flat, home, house, room4412
Home amenitiesfurniture001
Urbanitypopulation density, suburban, metropolis0710
Compactnessdensity, crowding, sprawl, people per square kilometer022
Size of the townConurbation, urban sprawl, mega city, metropolis, village, population density61422
urban growth/shrinkcity decline011
Sub-urbanresidential, up-town, sleep town, outer, out-of-town024
Urban/ruralcity, town, countryside, suburb213578
Happiness and local environmentcity, town, municipality131440
Local demographypopulation composition101
Local age-compositionage distribution, green, gray001
Local e/immigrationin-migration, out-migration113
Local economymarket, production, subsistence, trade, wealth022
Local economic growth/declineprosperity, development, decline, recession, business cycle022
Local income differenceinequality, dispersion61622
Openness of local economyglobalization011
Local prosperityaffluence, deprivation, poverty, wealth81224
Local unemploymentidle, jobless, welfare055
Local social enterprisescooperatives, sustainable economy000
Local facilitiesamenities, infrastructure, services, public goods, tertiary sector, underserved, disadvantaged31322
Local health caremedical, curation, prevention101
Local water supplypotable, tap water112
Local transportaccess, bus, metro, mobility, public transport, road and rail network, train, transfer046
Local traffic jamsrush our, queUe012
Distance to local facilitiesisolated, remote,112
Local healthpublic health, illness011
Local segregationdiscrimination, apartheid, exclusion, ghetto124
Local social tiessocial capital, local social cohesion057
Local stressorsburden, pressure, problem, strain01014
Industrybusiness, plants, trade000
Renewable energy plantsbiomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, windmil022
Tourismhospitality, hotel, recreation, sight seeing, monuments, visitors036
Crimeassoult, gangs, theft,035
Neighborhoodarea, district, locality, neighborhood251277
Ethnic homogeneitysegregation, separation, ghetto, isolation012
Happiness of neighbourshappy surrounding022
Neighborhood incomereference income011
Happiness and regionarea, county, department, province, state72741
Cohesion in regionsocial capital, social stability, anarchy, disintegration000
Ethnic diversity in regionsegregation, separation, ghetto, isolation011
Migrants in regioninflux000
Regional social capitalsocial cohesion, participation022
Culture in regionbeliefs, civilization, custom, ideas, values, national character000
Attitudes in regionbeliefs, opinions, values000
Attitudes to parenthoodchildren, procreation011
Attitudes to sexuality001
Education in regionSchooling000
Religiousness in regionchurch, faith, religion, spirituality011
Demography in regionpopulation composition000
Regional marriage ratecouples, married011
Regional migrant rateinflux, migrants, mobility022
Regional population densitycrowding, people per square kilometer011
Economy in the regionbusines, financial, market, production, subsistence, trade, wealth034
Regional economic freedom011
Regional economic growthregional development056
Regional economic innovationcreativity, development033
Regional economic prosperityaffluence, wealth, economic development156
Regional extraction industrymining, oil112
Regional income differencesdispersion, inequality1911
Regional investmentdevelopment, venture022
Regional poverty ratelow income, deprivation011
Regional price levelcost of living011
Regional standardized mass-productionautomation, Fordism, running belt000
Regional tourismattractions, recreation, museum, parc, sight seeing, travel, vacationing103
Regional unemployment rateemployment01010
Environment in the regiongreen, nature, sustainable055
Regional eco-energygreen economy, sustainable011
Government in regiongovernment consumption011
Regional decentralization011
Regional institutional qualitygoof governance012
Livability of regionapparent livability000
Happiness in region (average as determinant of individial)011
Health in regionpublic health000
Obesity in regionoverweight011
Regional suicide rate000
Personality in regionpersonality type022
Politics in regiongovernance, legislation, policy, rule000
Regional democracyreferendum156
Public goods in regionamenities, collective care, communal, free facilities, third sector, government services, welfare022
Regional amenitieslivability, attractions, provisions022
Regional expense on educationinvestment in schooling011
Regional social securitydecommodification, social insurance022
Relational pattern in regionstem family, nuclear family000
Safety in regionsecurity, protection, danger000
Regional crime ratecorruption, murder, theft088
Regional difference in correlates of happinessconditions for happiness, contingences000
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 nation, culture, civilization, society, nacro level000
Happiness and kind of societycivilization, culture, social order, nation, country192680
Joint macro social effectssociety, culture21121
Kinds of effectdeterminant, influence, outcomes, result001
Latin-American pattern034
Macro level models011
Size of societal differences in happinessimportance012
Conditions for happiness in nations: how universal?cross-national, comparative, cross cultural, cultural difference1917
Differences in conditions for happinesscircumstances, contingences195793
Outer conditionsenvironmental, external1913
Inner conditionsinternal, psychological0717
Differences in ways of evaluating lifeappraisal of life2923
Institutional qualitycompetence, stability, predictability033
Social problemsconflict, inequality, poverty, protest125
Change in societyrevolution, shift, transform92845
Social progressdevelopment, modernization, regression027
Cohesion in nationcooperation, social capital, social stability, anarchy, disintegration32432
Civic organizationcivil, communal, voluntary organization124
Charityaltruism, donation, generosity, giving, philantropy034
Common eventsfestivities, festivals, happenings, collective experience, ritual011
Conflictclash, disagreement, discord, opposition, tension, ingroup outgroup134
Homogeneitysimilar, uniform, heterogenous, homogeneous135
Minority problemsethnicity, migrants, race101
Trustconfidence, faith43038
Culture in the nationbeliefs, civilization, custom, ideas, values, national character142358
Attitudes in nationbelief, opinion, stance011
Alienation in nationisolation, distancing, estrangement024
Attitude to happiness in nationstance to enjoyment of life011
Fear of happiness in nationhappiness anxiety000
Preference for happiness in nationhedonism, value of happinesds001
Attitude to immigrants in nation011
Attitude to sexuality in nationsexual permissiveness001
Pessimism in nationcynic, doom, negativity, optimism203
Concerns in nationinterest, worry000
Cultural diversity in nationculture conflict, disagreement, mono-culture, multi-cultural, variety, uniformity124
Individualism/collectivism in nationgroup oriented8846
Meaning in nationgoal, purpose011
Morality in mnationethical, fair, just023
Religiousness in nationchurch, faith, mosk, religion, spirituality62431
Values in nationprinciples, ethics, morals, standard51321
Valuation of autonomy in nationfreedom, self direction246
Valuation of competitiveness in nationAchievement motivation, need to excell, win101
Valuation of family in nationFamilism, traditional/liberal011
Valuation of pleasure in nation. Moral hedonismenjoyment, pleasure seeking, lust acceptance, frugality, austerity, epicureanism, abstinence229
Valuation of materialism in nationacquisitiveness, golden calf, greed124
Work values in nationProtestant ethic022
Demography in the nationage, birth, death, ethnic, gender, sex, income, education, migration, minority, social status, social rank113
Age compositionaging society000
Birth patternbirth-rate, fertility, infertility167
Birth controlfamily planning, contraception, abortion, sterilization012
E/immigrationmigration, move, refugee145
Genetic composition/distancegenetic variation034
Life expectancylongevity000
Population densitycrowding, people per square kilometer000
Ethnic diversiryrace difference011
Sex balance011
Economy in the nationbusines, financial, market, production, subsistence, trade, wealth112259
Affluencewealth, affluence, rich, poverty3372168
Consumptionbuying, spending011
Economic competitiveness011
Economic growth/declineboom, crisis, development, recession3284173
Change average household incomeincome progres/decline101
Change consumer confidenceeconomic outlook033
Change exports000
Change stock market pricesshare value012
Economic Stabilityviolality001
Economic Regime (Capitalism)capitalism, socialism, entrepreneur, free enterprise, market economy, state economy1515
Entrepreneurial climatecompetitiveness022
Equivalent income000
Exportforeign trade011
Inflationmoney safety, price rise, deflation31317
Openness of economyfree trade, protection011
Price levelCosts of living011
Sustainability of the systemgreen economy124
Pollutionsmog, contamination, toxic waste, litter044
Sustainable energysolar, wind, water000
Tax regimeduty, fiscal, toll167
Tax complianceTax evasion011
Trade unionslabor union, syndicate134
Unemployment rateidle, jobless, employed, occupied73141
Working conditionswork environment000
Job protectionflexwork, tenure,178
Retirement agepension123
Self employedindependent, one person company023
Work hours work day, work week168
Environment in nationgeography, natural conditions012
Inequality in the nationdiscrimination, inequity156
Inequality of happinessinequality, dispersion51323
Differences across nationscross cultural variation227
Trends over timedevelopment, drift, historic, over-time448
inequality of opportunitiesunequal lifechances, advantage, disadvantage, deprivation044
Inequality of incomesdisparity, disproportion, dispersion, inequality96384
visibility of income differencesawareness, salience, transparency011
Inequality between sexes (women emancipation)gender equality, women rights, liberation, discrimination31320
Inequality in social prestigesocial stratification, social distance, social ladder, have have-not, ingroup outgroup7412
Social mobilitystatus change, inter-generational, intra-generational000
Power distanceauthority, hierarchy, influence, stratification011
Freedom in the nationopportunity to choose5412
Economic freedomfree trade, liberalism101222
Political freedomcivil liberties, rights7415
Private freedomcivil liberty, personal freedom439
Compulsory servicedraft, community service, military service011
Genes in nationgenetic, race011
Government in nation147
Centralizationdecentralization, unification, segregation235
Corruptionfavouritism, nepotism, white collar crime, shadow economy2811
Quality of governmentgood governance,12721
Size of governmentadministration, big government,111326
Knowledge in nationintelligence, schooling, wisdom022
Educationschool, teaching, learning, 3612
IQintelligence quotient, test, wisdom0811
Life style in the nationway of life, habitus011
Art of living in nationscoping, lifestyle011
Consumptionbuy, spend, use103
Alcohol useDrinking011
Smokinghealth behavior, stimulants033
Pace of lifefree time, relax, hurry, time stress, tense103
Sportsathletic, game, excersice112
Livability of nation: indicators other than happinesslivable, livable, habitable, suitable, tolerable, unlivable3212
Anthropometric indicatorsheight, length, body size000
Mental healthsane, insane, disturbed, mad259
Depressionsadness, melancholy, season affective disorder001
Use of anti-depressivesmedication, medicine012
Physical healthable-bodied, disabled, fit, unimpaired, ill, sick225
Obesity in nationBMI, obese, overweight000
Painache, hurt000
Public moodzeitgeist001
Time spend in unpleasant activitiesenjoyment, time happy, u-index101
Law in the nationjustice001
Legal systemjuridical, law enforcement011
Property rightshaving, owner, posses, proprietor022
Rule of lawlaw enforcement, fair, just113
Modernity of the nationcivilization, social development social progress1524100
Automibile usecar penetration011
Internet penetrationbroadband214
Nature in nationbiological capital, environment012
Personality in nationnational character, modal personality3915
Competitivenessachievement motivation, success, fear of failure224
Conformism in nationobedience, autonomy, self direction011
Empathyother perspective taking, social sensibility011
Tightnessrigid, strict012
Politics in the nationgovernment, policy, politics, regime5721
Democracydictatorship, egalitarian, liberal, suffrage, vote, oligarchy, theocracy52028
Political changeregime shift, revolution, restauration000
Ruling ideology/partyconservative, liberal, socialist, regime,011
Unrestconflict, instability, civil war, disintegration, protest, revolt, riots022
Position of the nationworld system, central peripheral, developed, power, ranking, reputation078
External threatsnatural disaster, international isolation, war5513
Involvement in warrmed conflict, peace, war, belligerent, neutral,214
Success in warrmed conflict, peace, war, victory, defeat000
Comparative quality-of-lifequality-of-life, welfare044
QOL in neighboring countriesSpill over, contagation022
Foreign aidDevelopment aid, donor, receipient023
Involvement in global societyOpen, closed, central, peiripheral, globalization, world system268
EU membership of nationEuropean Union002
Reputation of country of originimage012
Relative wealth of nationaffluence, development, rich033
Tourist visits to countryvacationers, tourism011
Public goods in the nationamenities, collective care, communal, free facilities, third sector, government services, welfare044
Child carekindergarten, nursery055
Maternity leavepregnancy leave022
Mental health caretherapy, prevention, treatment101
Pension systemincome insurance, compulsory saving, state pension033
Social securitycharity, social security, welfare state174569
Relational patterns in nationfamily, marriage, relatives, friends, nuclaer, extended51526
Divorce rateseparation, marriage022
Family valuesfamily ideal033
Householdsdomestic, family, home, living together000
Public lifecivic, civil, not private, open011
Sex lifefree sex, sexual pattern, liberal, restrictive011
Acceptance of homo-sexbisexual, gay, lesbian,LTGB, same sex023
Safety in the nationsecurity, protection247
Crime rate022
Disastersfire, flood, earthquake, typhoon, accident011
Size of the nationlargeness, scope, surface, population034
Time regimeseason, schedule011
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
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 rank, position, class, level, category, standing192464
Joint effect of multiple socio-demographic characteristicsadvantaged, deprivation, disadvantaged, exclusion, marginal, high, low173662
Gender sex, ascribed status,female, male, boys, girls, men, women, transgender3767170
Inter sexandrogynous, hermaphrodite, gender dysphoria000
Transgenderandrogeny, transsexual, unisex, queer102
Age generation, ascribed status, cohort39114235
Ageinggrow old, mature1656145
Chronological ageyear of birth, young, old, middle aged, elder133561
Young-old difference in happinessgeneration gap003
Stage of lifephase, youth, middle age034
Minority statusethnicity, ascribed status, marginal, discrimination, religion, race, cast81546
Ethnicityrace. Minority, ethnic group2472140
Homelessbum, vagrant, street child002
Migrantsimmigrant, emigrant, refugee, expat, integration, discrimination4567162
ExpatsExpatriate, temporary migrant, migrant work004
Sexual orientationLesbian, gay, homo, transgender, transsexual015
Homosexualslesbian, gay, same sex21428
TranssexualsGender disphory, dender identity disorder, sex-reassignment7118
Integration of minoritiesacceptance, acculturation, emancipation012
Income/poverty/wealthearnings, pay, means, salary, poor, rich, deprivation, wealth, standard of living125278544
Level of incomerich, poor033
Perceived relative incomerelative deprivation022
Source of incomerevenue123
Pensions, savingsassests011
Private transfersgifts, income support112
Migrant remittancessupport by migrant workers101
Social securitybenefits, dole167
Workbusiness, employment, labor, job000
Wealthcapital, possessions012
Assetshaving, holdong, possessions, property, gross wealth8817
Debtsloan, mortage, ow9619
Net wealthassets + debts, capital7312
Very richmillionaires, wealthy000
Education school, learning2467138
Elite education000
Over-educationwork-education misfit011
Occupational prestigecareer, profession239
Social rankstatus, position, class, caste, level, upper, lower, aristocracy, social ladder, elite, under class7727
Own rank adultsses, social position, socio economic status, standing5010
Actual ranksocial prestige51430
Rank mobilityupward, downward, inter-generational, intra-generational, success, failure 71429
Rank consistencestatus conflict, status congruity023
Rank of family of originfamily ses, social background012
Of adultsgrown up, mature000
Of childrenyouth022
Happiness and social rolessocial script, expectation linked to social position 2925
Leadershipmanagement, follower, director105
Role discrepanciesrole conflict2412
Gender rolessexe, gender, male female, norm, position, sexe role141562
Androgynousuni-sexual, bi-sexual, cross-sexual000
Gender identityandrogynous, binary (male OR female), fluid, unlabeled011
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 family, relatives, primary relations, intimate network, kin5828
Joint effectssocial inclusion, exclusion, social capital, marginal8824
Theories about happiness and intimate ties101034
Network characteristicsdensity, size, number, intimacy, recprioicity1511
Happiness and Childrenfamily, kids, offspring1310
Having childrenparent, family cycle, procreation1462101
Adoption of childnon-biological child000
Birth of childrendelivery, labor, nativity, post natal, post partum32233
Childlessnesssterile, infertility, voluntary, unwanted141549
Number of childrenfamily size11216
Kind of children011
Adopted children000
Adult childrengrown up012
Foster childrenadopt, care for046
Grand childrengreat grandparent, offspring, progeny, generation, descendant134
Step childrenreconstituted family022
Leaving home of childrenempty nest5615
Planning of childrenbirth control000
unplanned childunwanted pregnancy000
use of contraceptioncondom, pill, IUD000
Contacts with childrencommunication, interaction7830
Contact of adult children with parentsinter generational contact, family relations001
Custody of divorced parentschildcare011
Frequency of contact012
Quality of contactaffection, cold, conflict4211
Characteristics of childrenpersonality, kind2917
Age of childrenfamily phase, stage, family life cycle112
Distance to adult childrenfar awys, close by011
Family situation of childrenhome environment61033
Wellbeing of childrenhappiness, health, quality of life21422
Happiness and Familykin, relatives046
Characteristics of kin011
Loss of an intimatebereavement, death001
Single parentone parent family088
Relations with kidssocial bond, social capital, family cohesion026
Happiness and Householdhome, domestic147
Living alone or notsingle, living arrangement, co-habitation328
Family householdextended family, stem family3312
Nuclear householdtwo person, couple with children000
One parent familysingle mother, broken home249
Extended family householdgrandparents, three generation household148
Non-family householdasylum, barracks, boarding school, camp, care home,commune, convent, orphanage, prison001
Communal householdscommune, collective,002
Institutional livingasylum, camp, care home, hospital121989
Cloisterconvent, monastery001
HospiceDying clinic011
Jailprison, penitentiary,locked up113
Nursing homeresidential care, old age home, hospital116
OrphanageOrphan, foster care102
Shelterprotected housing001
Child carecreche, pre school, kinder garten011
Household sizefamily size213
Homelessroofless, bum, waif, street child316
Happiness and Love Lifeaffair, affection, conjugal, concubine, mistress, romantic, sexuality2714
Attachmentcloseness, connected013
Love styles225
Sex lifesexuality122463
Happiness and Marriagemarriage, married, partner, spouse, couple, steady41431
Marital statusmatrimony, wedlock2761126
Currently married (vs. all unmarried people)married, wedded, living together, single, unmarried62235
Cohabitunmarried living together, concubinage, mistress11012
Living apart together (LAT)bi-local household112
Formerly married000
Separation/divorcemarital split-up, break-up, dissolution172760
Remarriagesecond marriage, serial3510
Lifelong singlescelibate, never married7315
Young singlesbachelor, never married, spinster101
Happiness and kind of marriageconjugal bond, relation116
Attitudes to spouse001
Characteristics of the bondrelation, tie, nexus92151
Family life cyclephase, stage5212
Shared household workequal, non-specialization022
Characteristics of the spousehusband, wife, mate, partner103777
Income of spouse000
Unemployment of spouse033
Well-being of spousehealth, happiness, quality of life035
Similarity in personality with spouse002
Similarity in wellbeing of spoucesinequality of happiness in couple, similarity022
Polygamymultiple wives, men, bigamy315
Working wife/motherhomemaker, housewife, working mother18634
Happiness and Social Supportback up, care, help, maintain, nourish, social capital32484
Effects of social support51247
On happiness1237101
Balance of support001
Loss of social supportbereavement, isolation, broken ties002
Migration of intimates8010
Intimates left in home country112
On further indicators of well-being0212
Care givershelp64578
Home carenursing home112
Sources of social support000
Community supportneighbour help000
Happiness and Social Participationcitizenship, social involvement, social capital, social inclusion, membership74784
Theories about effect of social involvementsocial inclusion, social capital419
Participation with ..interaction, contact, involvement31023
Friendsacquaintance, confidant, pal152568
Relativesfamily, intimate, clan21024
Organizationsclub, voluntary organization, association7619
Overall participation51219
Participation of ..035
In age groupscohort,, generation102
Young adults002
Elderlyaged, old1617156
Singlesbachelor, unmarried, never married, spinster000
Adolescentsyouth, teenagers, secundary school1411
Studentspupil, in education035
Lonelinessisolated, lone, solitary, disconnected31652
Weak tiescasual contacts, daily encounters011
Happiness and Petsdomestic animal, cat, dog, horse327
Happiness and non-family intimate tiesclose contacts000
Relation with colleagues000
Relation with friendscomrade, pal013
Relation with teacherscoach, therapist001
Happiness and happiness of other peopleemotional contagation000
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 hedonic capital, psychological capital, psychological recources, strength, stock3923
Joint effects2519
Apparent efficiency in using resourceseffectiveness011
Effects of personal resourcespersonality1115
Effects of all personal characteristics023
Happiness and physical healthbody, constitution, fitness122475
General healthdisability, didease, ill, sick, thriving, flourish21125
Self-perceived healthself rated, self report, Patient Repoeted Outcome (PRO), Healh Related Quality of Life (HQOL)2049103
Physician-rated healthdoctor, diagnosis, expert rating318
Non-western notions of healthalternative, flourishing011
Ayurveda Prakrti health ratingTraditiinal Indian health philosophy011
Health complaintssymptoms012
Fatigueexhaustion, lethargy011
Nausearevulsion, vomit000
Particular diseasehealth defect, health problems, illness61538
Infectious and parasitic diseasesICD class: A-B011
Neoplasms (Cancer)ICD class: C-D41323
Breast cancer4410
Oral cancercancer of mouth, throat, salviary gland001
Prostate cancer101
Diseases of blood, blood organs and certain immune mechnismsICD class: D012
Endocrine, nutrional and metabolic diseasesICD category: E51524
Mental, behavioral and neurodevelopmental disordersMental illness, mental disturbance, mad, ICD class: F. Detailed classification in subject section Ic02 of this bibliography069
Diseases of the nervous systemNeurological, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, migraine, chronic headache, ICD class: G62245
Tetraplegiabroken neck113
Diseases of the eye and adnexabad sight, blind, ICD class: H2510
Diseases of the ear and mastoid processHearing, deaf, ICD class: H034
Diseases of the circulatory systemheath disease, hypertension, stroke ICD class: I101338
StrokeCVA, cerebral infarction2815
Diseases of the respiratory systemlung disease, COPD, ICD class: J2913
Diseases of the digestive systemstomack, intestines, ICD class: K157
Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissueexzema, psoriasis, ICD class: L011
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissuerheumatoid arthritis, joint complaints, ICD class: M11420
Diseases of the genitourinary systemrenal, ICD class: N102
Renal failurekidney158
Complication in pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperiumgynacolog, obstretic, ICD class: O000
Conditions originating from the perinatal periodICD class: P000
Congenital malformations and chromosomal abnormalitiesDown syndrome, ICD class: Q000
Down syndrome000
TraumaICD class: S-T168
Symptoms and test results not classified elsewherechronic pain, sleepdisorder, ICD class: R5719
Sequela of illness and treatmentconsequence of previous disease or injury, long-term effect6612
Sexual disfunction011
Longevitysurvival, long life, mortality142987
Healthy life YearsDisability Adjusted Life Years DALY, Quality Adjusted Life Years011
Physical handicapsdisability, disable, frail1960152
Physical characteristicsbody, morphology5922
Allostatic loadphysical symptoms of stress011
Appearancebeauty, good looks, homely, ugly2315
Blood pressurehypertension078
Bone densityosteroporosis001
Brain volumessize of brain parts001
left/right hemisphere asymetry022
Cortisol levelhormone, stress055
Genesconstitutional, hereditary, inborn, innate039
Heart rate013
Immune functioninflammation011
Skin colourrace011
Vagal toneheart rithm022
Weightunderweight, obese, overweight, bmi101443
Health Carecurative, hospital, medication, medical treatment5618
Treatmentshealing, medication, therapy2452128
Medicationdrug, pharmacology022
Rehabilitationrecovery training022
Sex-reassigmentcross-sexe treatment,,gender dysphoria, gender identity disorder, gender incongruence, gender transformation, transsexual419
Transplantationorgan transplant011
Suicide/self-harmdeath, self destruct3317
Dyingdeath, decease, mortality, closeness to death, end stage11528
Happiness and mental healthadjustment, mental health, capability, life ability31133
Mental defects: negative mental healthabnormal, maladjusted, mental illness, disturbed, mad, psychopathology112962
General impairment scoredisturbed, sick111026
Specific mental defectsmental illness, mental disease, disturbance61536
Addiction (ICD code F10-F19)alcohol, dependency, drugs, nicotine, stimulants002
ADHD (ICD code F90-F98)attention deficit, conduct disorders102
Anhedonia (ICD code R45)inability to feel pleasure001
Anxiety (ICD code F41)fear, nervous, tension, worry059
Autism (ICD ode F84)Autism spectrum disorder113
Burnout (ICD code Z73)break down, mental exhaustion048
Compulsive disorder (ICD code F42)obsessive, rigid002
Defensivenessego defense, denial, repression, reversal, self serving lie103
Dementia (ICD code F01-02)senile, Alsheimer disease024
Dependencyautonomy, helpless012
Depression (ICD code F32-34)despair, down, flast, sad melancholy51135
Eating disorder (ICD code F50)anorexia, bulimia, picca035
Gender dysphoria (ICD code F64)androgyn, cross-sexe, gender identity disorder, gender incongruence, cross-dressing, transsexual, travestite, queer113
Neuroticism (ICD code F60)difficult, nervous, touchy, unstable1712
Psychopathy (ICD code F60.2)Anti-social personality001
Psycho-somatic defects (ICD code F45)ache, mental complaints, tension, stress024
Rumination (ICD code F42)overthinking, worry003
Schizophrenia (ICD code F20)confision, hallucination0717
Stressed (ICD code Z-73)jittery, nervous037
frail, vulnerablestressed001
Psychotherapycure, treatment, training1723124
Anti-depressive drugsanti-depressant, prozac1511
Reminisence therapymemory training001
Mental strength: positive mental healthadjustment, able, eudaiminic happiness, flourish, healthy, mental capital, psychological capital, thrive11946
General effectiveness scoresthriving index31328
Psycho social developmentmature, grown up, backward, underdeveloped, stagnate3418
Self-actualizationdevelopment, psychological growth, growth need, virtuous3012
Self-efficacyadequacy, locomotion, pragmatic, self confidence0633
Self directionautonomy, psychological freedom036
Specific strong pointsstrenghts, virtues2918
Creativityoriginality, imagination1113
Perceived meaningfulnesspurpose in life33376
Pro-activeinitiative, flexible, daring, bold, vanguartd002
Resiliencehardiness, psychological strenght0310
Self controlimpulsive023
Self esteemself-respect, self-worth72277
Sense of coherencecomprehensibility, manageability, and meaningfulness0417
Spiritual wellbeingbelief, convictions000
Use of strengthsVIA012
Vitalityactive, healthy, interested, sparking006
Wisdomknowledge, insight0512
Specific abilitiesskill, capability, talent105
Ability to function in daily lifeADL, frail, self-reliant1414
Acculturationadjustment to a new culture002
Art of livingappreciation, hedonic enhancement, savouring2238
Hedonic capacitysavouring, art of living, openness for enjoyment, ahedony039
Cognitive abilitiesIQ, intelligence, smart91543
Command of languageforeign tongue, bi-lingual, mullti-lingual, native speaker123
IQschool intelligence, test intelligence2921
Giftedgenius, exceptionally intelligent, high IQ106
Retarded, dementedlearning disability, dumm107
Emotional intelligenceEQ, social intelligence11248
Employability(un)fit for work, job chance011
Internet proficiencye-capability101
Social abilitiessocial intelligence, social competence0116
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 character, complexion, trait, disposition, temperament, nature3244195
Personality development005
Inborn dispositionsgeno-type, conditions during pregnancy011
Personality change011
Personality organization022
Complexitypsychological differentiation228
Consistencyconflict, harmony, congruity103
ConfigurantionTrait combinations011
Personality traitscharacter, disposition894195
Flow Experienceoptimal experience028
Agressionanger, intentional harm023
Alienationestrangement, disengagement, distancing014
Anxietyfear, unease002
Fear of failurefail anxiety, self assured, confident001
Awarenessconcious, sentient, self awareness001
Mindfulnessawareness, perceptiveness3416
Mood awarenessalexithymia, unaware, repression3820
Self-reflectionSelf awareness001
Cognitive stylemanner of thinking, intuitive, calculative023
Conscientiouscognizant, responsible022
Decisiveambivalent, regret001
Dominantnot shy001
Emotionalityagitable, excitable, moody, calm, easy, stable5826
Mood variabilitymoodyness, stability024
Emotional expressivenessopen, reserved011
Emotional differentiationmixed mood, different affect012
Mood control011
Extraversionopen, introvert,4635
Humorousjoking, sarcastic1313
Genuinehonest, sincere, true000
Impulsive (vs inhibited)inconsidered, inpatient001
Individualismindividuality, independence, conformism01120
Involvementparticipation, contribution, passive, engagement014
Maximizingachievement motivation003
Moralityethical, honest, just, principled, value driven012
Morning/evening typeowl, lark012
Opennessclosed, disclosure016
Self-disclosureopenness, reservation, self-concealment3110
Openness to experienceexperiental avoidance, denial011
Optimism/Positivitynegativism, cynical, rose colored12770
Negative emotiondepressed, sad000
Risk orientationanxious, daring, guts3812
Perceived fate controlexternal control belief, inner control belief, fatalism, locomotion2034144
Sense of powerpowerless011
Pleasure seekinghedonism1610
Rigiditycognitive closure, flexibility, ambiguity tolerence002
Attachment stylebonding127
Belonging, sense ofconnectiveness112
Compassionbenevolence, kindness000
Forgivenessclemency, pardon2514
Gratitudethankfulness, appreciation9936
Kindnesscompassion, sympathy, gentleness018
Reciprocitymutuakity, trade-off011
VengeanceFeelings of revenge001
Sensation seekingthril013
Novelty seekinginterest001
Superficialshallow, serious, happy Hans011
Time orientationtemporal81342
Coping styledealing with problems939129
Coping with unhappiness034
Coping with confrict001
Ruminationcircular negative thought002
Self-conceptidentity, self-image, self-respect63099
Body imageself perceived fyionimy001
Group identificationsocial identity012
Narcisicminflated self013
Self compassionself acceptance013
Self-self congruency across situationsself consistency012
Self-other congruency in view on selfother rating, congruency with reputation011
Self presentationPublic self012
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 aspiration, choice, desire, goal, liking, need, value, want102
Motivationdrive, need, goal, want0411
Achievement motivationaccomplishment, protestant ethic119
Enviousjealous, resentment, social comparison001
Hedonic desireslust001
Intrinsic motivationauthentic, extrinsic, self-driven other-driven024
Search for meaningseeking a cause, looking for purpose011
Goalsaim, ambition, aspiration, calling, life goal, passion, life plan, longing, target, want1537
Having goalsplanning, aimless11225
Having aspirationsaim, ambition014
Having life goalscalling, life map, plan1414
Having a missioncalling000
Development of goals011
Kind of goalsgoal type, goal characteristics2516
Approach/avoidancepositive or negative goals013
Authenticity of goalsextrinsic, intrinsic, false, genuine, true1615
Behavioral relevancegoal involvement024
Clarity of goalsclear, distinct, palpable026
Commitment to goalspersistence011
Conventionality of aimsoriginality000
Difficulty of goalschallenge, easiness022
Diversityvariety, heterogeneity, homogeneity012
Importance of goalsrelevance022
Internal consistency of setcompatibility, congruity, harmony, conflict104
Meaning of goalscalling, mission, importance004
Realism of goalsfeasibility, possibility001
Time span of goalsperiod, temporal interval002
Object of goalsaim, ambition, ideal42259
Object of aspirationsaim, aspiration, longing, preference, want4414
Educational aspirations000
Income aspirationsmaterialism011
Migration aspirationmigration intention, wish to leave country011
Object of life goalscareer, life plan61532
Want childrenChild wish, precreation001
Realization of goalsaccomplish, achieve, attain, success61638
Perceived realizationcontentment61237
Actual goal realizationachievement, success306
Goal adjustmentgoal continuity, goal change014
Valuesbelief, opinion, evaluation, ideal, standard, conviction, philosophy11629
Ethical valuesmoral, principled122767
Hedonic valuespleasure81032
Materialist valuesmoney, economic143794
Individualism valuescollectivist, individual014
Social valuesaltruism, solidarity, trust024
Family values012
Spending priorities022
Political valuesideal, ideology, principle81734
Political extremismradical, fanatic, revolution428
Political conservatismprogressive, right-wing, left-wing, tory, orthodox1913
Party preference3711
Attitude to political issuespolitical attitude034
Work valueswork ethic078
Value environment fitconsonance, harmony, conflict, estrangement2618
Living up to one's valuesvalue consistency, consonance017
Religionfaith, belief, church, spiritual, god, sacred1547118
Religiousnessagnostic, atheist, devout, pious,spiritual2071180
Religious denominationaffiliation, church, sect, confession, membership, order21017
Religious practiceschurch attendance, pray, bible reading, meditation0712
Attitudesview, opinion42246
Attitudes to freedom011
Perceived freedomopportunity to choose123
Attitudes to the futureexpectations, fears, hopes, prospects,101
Expected incomefinancial prospects033
Perceived improvement of one's lifebetter or worse024
Hopedoubt, optimist21755
Attitude to one's own happinessacceptance of happiness5719
Attitudes to life issueslife and death013
Attitudes to life in general000
Quality of lifeGood life000
Attitudes to one's own life, other than happiness000
Meaning in lifepurpose in life0718
Deathdying, will to live017
Success in lifeachievement, career, status000
Wish to livevitality, love for life047
Attitudes to societyideology136
Attitude to competitionmarket orientation, liberalism022
Attitudes to the economy023
Attitude to marketingadvertisement001
Attitude to entitlementsrights, fairness001
Attitude to environmental protectionclimate concious044
Attitudes to inequalityfairness, egalitarism1711
Attitude to modernityprogressive035
Attitude to nationnational pride, nationalism, national identity034
Attitude to cultural preservationtradition, history, identity011
Attitude to nation/culture of originmotherland identification001
Attitude to country of setltementdestinastion, immigration country000
Attitude to own (return)migration011
Attitudes to political issuespolitical opinion, a-political057
Attitude to democracy033
Trust in institutionscynical, distrust168
Attitude to life style issuesway of life001
Attitude to moneyconsumption, debts, spending,001
Attitudes to nutritionfood habits, vegan000
Attitude to local environmentsense of community115
Attitudes to communitysense of belonging205
Attirude to local tourism001
Attitude to naturegreen attitude, environmentally concious104
Attitude to nuclear powersustainable energy000
Attitudes to people000
Attitudes to womengender equality, emancipation, sexe role attitudes112
Trust in people42234
Hero attachmentidol, fan, supporter, admiration011
Ethnocentrismfeelings of superiority022
Attitudes to safetyout of danger, secure, threat012
Attitudes to school011
Attitudes to workjob satisfaction, work ethic046
Attitude to occupationsviews on professions001
Attitude to one's own occupationprofession001
Beliefsopinion, view, idea, orientation1718
Belief in afterlifeheaven, reincarnation003
Belief in Free Will022
Beliefs about Happinessattribution, cause, condition, orientation to happiness61431
Perceived sources of happinessattribution, ascription, belief, cause, condition, determinant, hedonic forecast, Orientations to Happiness Questionnaire OTH or OHQ31535
belief that possessions make happymaterialism012
Accuracy of perception of effect on happinesshedonic forecast, realism, misprediction of utility011
Perceived happiness of others033
Perceived relative happinesscomparative, happiness gap023
Perceived variability of happinessstability, traits012
Belief in Just Worldoptimism, weltanschauung0011
Belief in hard workProtrestant ethic, work morale011
Beliefs about one-selfself-concept000
Belief to be genetically determinedessentialist belief about one-self001
Belief in social progressprogress optimism012
Perceived corruption in country011
Worriesfear, uncertainties, concern, problem2513
Problemsworry, anxiety, concern002
Perceived discriminationprejudice, stereotype, social exclusion057
Fear of crimeunsafe045
Conventionality of outlookunoriginal, common place5113
Interestsinformation seeking011
Preference for time over money014
Preference ro stop workingwish for retirement000
CORRELATION of HAPPINESS and BEHAVIOR: What happy people do    
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 way of life, daily life, habit, manner of living, choice3613
Happiness and Activity levelactive, involved, passive32554
Creative behaviorinvention, problem solving012
Leisure activityfree time buzy012
Mental activityalert, concious, thought valence011
Physical activityexcercise, moving, sporting, walking0611
Happiness and Activity Pattern058
Change in activities000
Variation in activitiesdiversity in doings001
Happiness and Particular Activitiesoccupation, time use, work034
Happiness and Consumptionbuy, expend, purchase, use191893
Basic needsnecessities011
Experience/material consumptionHedonic consumption116
Foodeating, nutrition, food17740
Gamblingbetting, casino, gaming, lottery022
Ideological consumptionvalue driven consumption000
Green consumptionsustainable consumption, environmental friendly138
Contested consumptiondebated, rejected, disapproved spending000
Luxuryconspicious consumption, quality, expensive104
Conspicious comsumptionkeeping up appearance, show-off, status consumption, Veblen012
Possessionsgoods, assets, capital5614
Communication devicescontact, electronics000
Internet access125
Telephonemobile, iPhone035
Household convenienceshousehold appliances, goods011
Housingdwelling, home, owner131025
Energyfuel, electricity011
Savings/insurancesassurance, saving9821
Stimulantsalcohol, drugs, substance, tobacco152478
Drugshallucenogenics, amphetamine, heroine, mariuana, pot, substance126
Tax paying101
Happiness and Choicedecisive025
Happiness and Health Behaviorhealthy living101657
Healthy eatingdiet, food, low fat, fruits and vegetables14219
Self-harmmutilation, suicide011
Sufficient water intakedrinking of elderly001
Use of alternative medicine011
Use of health servicesmedical consumption, therapy, coaching000
Happiness and Leisurefree time, holiday, vacation, weekend132591
Leisure activitieshobby, interests, pastime025
Artistic activitiesdrawing, creativity,225
Media usedigital, print, sound124
Advertisement exposure204
Internetcomputer, facebook,pc, social media, web surfing17356
Social mediaFacebook, Twitter, Chatrooms, online communication15452
Internet addictionproblematic internet use2016
Music listening224
Readingbook, newspaper, magazines305
TV watchingtelevision, media use111243
Outdoor activitiesnight life012
Attendance of cultural eventsconcert,exhibition, festival, theatre066
Cinemafilm, movie011
Socializingchating, talking, tweeting, visits033
Sportingphysical exercise, game, move, train1457145
Biking, walking000
Vacationingvacation, holiday, trip101641
Holiday travelmobility, move1615
Wellness staySpa, Kurort. Health resort000
Engagement in new leisure activitiesleisure innovation, life style change012
Happiness and Life-Style-Typelife style, lifestyle, way of life51024
Nudism FKK (Frei Korper Kultur)002
Sustainable life-styleecological footprint011
Ways to pursue happinesshedonic strategy, Orientations to Happiness Questionnaire OTH or OHQ01018
Happiness and use of mental training/therapyhappiness seekers, yoga, meditation012
Use of happiness trainingadvice, coaching, self-help202
Tai Chi, Yoga000
Happiness and Organizational behaviorteam work000
Leadershipcoordinator, manager001
Happiness and Political Behavior023
Political participationcivic involvement0811
Happiness and Pro-social Behavioraltruistic, nice, love, support0410
Civic behaviorsocial, responsible, participative013
Deviant behaviorabnormal, unusual, nonstandard0816
Ecological behavior136
Helping behavioraltruism012
Reciprocitybalanced relationship002
Tax evasioncheating012
Happiness and Risk behaviorrisky, dangerous117
Happiness and Social Interactioncontacts000
sharing experiencescapitalization011
Happiness and Studyacademy, college, education school, seminary, training1111
Being a studentpupil, learner000
Kind of schooleducational specialization148
School characteristicsschool organization, school climate3715
School gradeclass, level, stage,126
School involvementparticipation018
School successschool performance, achievement,exam, fail, grades, qualification31130
Happiness and Time useactivity,occupation, pursuit122964
Actual-ideal discrepancy000
Time spend on particular activities000
Time spend on childcarebaby sitting011
Happiness and Travel behaviormobility049
Happiness and Workemployment, job, occupation, work force41034
In workforce (vs not)child, student, disabled, retired011
Ability to workdisabled, handicapped, unfit for work, student139
Having workemployment, working152560
Unemployedidle, jobless, employed, occupied35129215
Retiredpension, stopped working2237108
Post retirement work011
Working (married) womenworking women, working wife381893
Multiple jobsportfolio workers, mono worker001
Want for workwork motivation, job searching6111
Job searchingjob application, job seeking035
Want more/less workover/under employment011
Work involvementengagement, commitment, passion, enthusiasm, flow, burn-out1311
Absence from workAbsenteism, sick leave011
Turnoverjob change, quit job, job mobility057
Kind of workbusiness, occupation, profession, trade5924
Occupationjob, profession, work,152566
Entrepreneurbusiness, self-employed035
Creative classmime, art011
Fair trade agricultureSustainable agriculture001
Public/private sectorstate or market sector113
Skill level of workeducation, specialization000
Over/under qualified for jobover/under educated011
Unpaid work000
Childcarebaby sitting000
Houseworkhousewife, home maker71329
Voluntary workunpaid work, volunteer, honorary42444
Work attitudeswork ethic, job satisfaction0620
Work conditionsjob conditions2251138
Bridge jobIn berween job, pre-retirement demotion001
Flex-worknon-standard, temporary, zero hour contract4716
Formal/informal employmentblack work, shadow economy, tenure001
Job securitytenure2710
Part time workfull-time, hour contract81627
Self employedfreelance, portfolio work82839
Shift work000
Subsidized workworkfare000
Support at workacceptance, help, no bullying001
Teleworkhome work135
Work schedule flexibilityChoosen work hours022
Work/family conflictwork-life balance, work-family interaction22248
Work performanceproductivity1615
Company performanceprofit001
Working time022
Commutinghome-work travel, daily travel, suburbanite22430
Weekend worka-typical work time011
Working hourswork load, working time, over time72540
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 occurrence, event, life-event, milestone,turning point4241163
Collective events123
Economic eventsboom, crisis, depression, inflation, deflation269
Festivitiesritual, feast, games179
Political eventsregime shift01516
Sport eventsgames, olympics022
Time changeroutine011
Warconfrct, violence, uprising21016
Terrorist attack057
Individual life eventsevent047
Minor daily eventhassle, annoy, stress, joy11430
Disturbing interruptionsdistraction022
Time pressurehurry, pace of life025
Upliftscheer up,013
Mayor life eventsphase, crisis, turning point1064107
Accidentmishap, bad luck0912
Bereavementdeath, widowhood, loss034
Divorceseparation, marital break-up012
Financial good/bad luckwindfall011
Lottery winninggambling, luck5313
Job change056
First job000
Job lossfalling unemployed055
Migrationchange place, move , mobility000
Migration to other countryemigration, immigration, migrant, expatriate71034
Move (change house within country)mobility, residential relocation, internal migration21218
Military serviceenlistment011
Retirementpension, emeritation0711
School drop-outfailure024
School leavediplom, exam000
Sex reassignmentgender transformation4112
Victimtraumatic event000
Victim of bullyingsocial rejection1517
Victim of domestic violenceviolence, family000
Victim of crimevictimized11319
Victim of discriminationsocial exclusion000
Victim of warwar invalid001
Experiencesfeelings, awareness013
Desired experiencewanted feeling001
Extra-ordinary states of consciousnesspeak-experience, bliss, extasis205
Moving experiences215
Stress of eventsburden001
Reminiscences of eventsmemories, recall002
Ritual marking of life changeceremony, rite de passage011
Predictability of life eventsStability, shocks, uncertainty012
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 antecedent, biography, career, life course, previous, past, life-history117
Birth historydelivery, infancy022
Happiness and Earlier Living Conditionsantecedent, cause precondition3614
Pre-natal conditionsunborn000
Medication of mother during pregnancypharmaceutics001
Conditions in childhoodjuveline, young, youth72048
Intimate environmentfamily, friends143281
Alhohol consumption of parentsdrinking001
Birth orderBenjamin011
Family crisisbroken home, illness,violence, mishap012
Foster child012
Happiness of parents026
Hardship in familydisruption000
Lived in an institutionfoster home, boarding school, orphanage022
Mental health state of parentsparents depression011
Number of sibblings012
Only childsingleton011
Parenting stylesocialization, upbringing, training023
Single parent familychild of divorce, lone parent child, one parent family backgroup024
Violence in family011
Social statusclass, rank, upper, lower, under class, social ladder, stratification1915
Unemployment of parentjob loss022
Wealth of parentsfinacial situation, family assets033
Societynation, country, social order013
Country of originmother country, nation of birth011
Stress in childhoodproblems in youth013
Conditions in adulthoodgrown up, mature003
Intimate networkfamily, friends, relatives, kin, intimate, primary relations6620
Social statusclass, rank, upper, lower, under class, social ladder, stratification012
Societynation, country, social order000
Workemployment, occupation, profession135
Reasons for earlier retirement( or not)job-lock011
Earlier intimate environmentfamily, relatives, kin, intimate, primary relations025
Happiness and Life Courselife choice, life history, development, career121546
Military servicedrafted, soldier011
School historyeducational career001
Happiness and Earlier Personal Characteristicscharacter, nature, traits148
Earlier appreciationssatisfaction, appraisal, enjoyment, evaluation, discontent, dissatisfaction, unsatisfied001
Earlier healthillness, disease, disturbance058
Earlier intelligenceChild IQ024
Earlier life styleway of life, daily life, habit, manner of living214
Earlier mental effectivenessdisturbed, mad, mental ill, sane102
Earlier personalitycharacter, complexion, trait, disposition, temperament, nature2410
Earlier physical activitysports history001
Earlier preferencesaim, ambition, aspiration, calling, life goal, life plan, longing, want000
Earlier valuesbelief, opinion, evaluation, ideal, moralitystandard, conviction, philosophy002
Happiness and Life change/eventshift,passage, transition34161
earlier goal change001
Happiness over the Life Courseover time, career, life course, life history, past141539
Remembered happiness in the pasthindsight, past, review, recollect, remember. Retrospect153082
Five years agorecent past459
Happiness in youthchildhood, teenage, adolescence, todler, schoolage, student time61027
Happiest period in lifebest years4125
Expected happiness in the futurefuture, expectation, predicted, projected265196
Perceived changes in happinesslife event, turning point, transition, shift201966
Difference between earlier expected and currently experienced happinessearlier over-optimism, over-pessimism, earlier future realism022
Life reviewevaluate, survey, recollect, remember2314
Life regretsgrieve, discontent005
Life sufferinghardship022
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 appraisal, appreciation, assesment, attitude, contentment, evaluation, judgment, opinion71433
Appraisals of life other than happinessevaluation, valuation316
Satisfaction with everythinggeneral satisfaction011
Satisfaction with aspects of lifelife aspect, facet, feature125
Satisfaction with opportunity for activities011
Satisfaction with domains of lifelife domain, field, part4393162
Satisfaction with carehelp, support125
Satisfaction with consumptionconsume, use, buy047
Satisfaction with foodeating, tasting002
Satisfaction with shoppingbuying002
Satisfaction with healthillness, disease, disturbance134
Satisfaction with incomeearnings, pay, means, salary, wage, poor, rich, advantaged, deprivation41019
Satisfaction with intimate relationsclan, family, friends, kin, primary relations142358
Satisfaction with sex life011
Satisfaction with leisurefree time, vacation, weekend4219
Satisfaction with sports001
Satisfaction with living environmentcommunity, region61929
Satisfaction with oneselfself esteem, self acceptance, self confidence101
Satisfaction with one's appearancebeauty, body image001
Satisfaction with safety013
Satisfaction with one's social positioncaste, prestige,social status405
Satisfaction with schooleducation, learn, teacher2411
satisfaction with college/university lifestudent life001
Satisfaction with societynation, country, social order2712
Satisfaction with spiritual lifedevine, metaphusical, religion, sacred067
Satisfaction with travelcommute, mobility024
Satisfaction with workemployment, job satisfaction2149156
Structure of satisfactionsarrangement, organization, system000
Balance across domains012
Hierarchy of the correspondence with happiness: Which domain satisfactions correspond most with happiness?dominance,preponderance, prevalence, weight254881
Summed domain satisfactionslife aspect satisfactions214
Weighted vs unweighted sum-scoresimportance, relevance5213
Different weights011
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 cause, determinant, necessity, precondition, requirement106
Overview of theoriesreview, survey81175
Determinants of hedonic levelaffective component, affective wellbeing, mood047
Overview of theoriesoverview5333
Need gratification theorymotivation, urge, innate3329
Evidence for need theory022
Perceived fit theory (Cognitive theory of pleasant affect)harmony, congruity, conflict104
Culture behaviour fitcultural consonance012
Self-environment fitharmony, consistency, congruity, conflict1611
Value-behavior fit011
Do positive and negative affects vary independently?reward centers72165
Physiological basis of hedonic experiencebrain, cerebrum, nerve, neuron3540
Neural mechanismsbrain, centers, synapses0319
Are there temperamental differences in pleasure proneness?genetic, inborn, innate025
Human/animal similaritiesapes, evolution, genetic distance, primates0011
Genetic correlatesgene, allele, polymorphism0411
Similarity with genetic basis of correlates of happinessgenetic correlation012
Determinants of contentmentCognitive component, getting what you want, preference, volitional wellbeing4218
Review of theoriesexplanation, hypothesis, overview, survey10951
Which standards of comparison?benchmark, criterion, norm, reference41328
Which comparison levels?003
What are the most current standards?norm013
How do comparison standards develop?norm setting229
How do comparison levels develop?norm setting001
Determinants of success in meeting standardsaccomplishment, achievement, failure001
Perceptions of success in meeting standardsaccomplishment, achievement, failure012
Evidence for comparison theoryproof, confirmation1864100
Striking the balance of lifeevaluation of life, heuristic, mental proces5729
The mental calculus: How do we assess how happy we are?appraisal, evaluation, calculation2523
Problems in reconstructing the evaluation of lifeblack box013
Mental processespsychology, inner evaluation, appraisal process2620
Estimating average experienceretropective011
Which is most decisive?importance, predominance014
When hedonic level most decisive, when contentment?2611
Integrate appraisalsaverage, combine, mesh, sum000
Cognitive and affective appraisalsconjoin, mix, weigh5614
Life aspect/domain satisfactionsweigh, conjoin7414
Past, present and futurecombine002
Pleasures and painsaffect balance, loss aversion025
Reflect an attitudeecho, top-down, view0514
Is happiness a trait?character, personality, set-point141955
Further calculative strategies of the mindheuristics013
Factors affecting the overall evaluationdeterminants71034
Contextual effectscircumstances, environment025
Heuristicsbias, disposition, outlook, cognitive style, guess104
Rose colored outlookoptimism3212
Defensive biasego defense012
Peak/end effectscontrast022
Homeostatic mechanismshomeostasis0512
Loss aversion055
Social models and pressuressocial influence013
Development of happinesscareer, course014
Development of attitude towards lifeoutlook on life, attitude formation014
Promotive conditionsrequirements, prerequisites2215
Causal modelshypothesis, theory, scheme111453
Difference in conditions for happinesscontextual, contingency, moderator1813
Across nationscross-national, cross-cultural259
Within nationsconditional21831
Difference across happiness levelsnon-linear000
Differences across personality typescharacter046
Difference in determinants of affective and cognitive components of happinessneed-want difference22029
Optimal degree of conditionscurve, marginal effect, satiation000
(non)-linearity of statistical associationL shaped, curvi-linear, convex, U shaped011
Optimal mix of conditionsinteraction, strenghten011
Relative impactdominance, importance1312
Size of environmental effecteffect size, external influence127
Further issues000
Heritability of happinessgenetic, inborn, acquired81664
How universal is happiness?cultural difference, culturally relative0818
Similarity in concomittants of happinessshared conditions for happiness001
Why low correlations?association4926
CONSEQUENCES of HAPPINESS: Effects of enjoying life or not    
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 after effect, effect, outcome, sequel, result31370
Problems in assessing happiness effects125
Effects on conditions for happinessbolster, self pertuate, sustain000
Differences in effects of happinessconditional, contingent, context dependant, variable000
Cultural difference in effects of happiness013
Difference in effects of happiness within nationscontingencies024
Difference in effects of afffective and cognitieve component000
Relative impact of happiness and unhappiness001
Effect on environmentenvironmental, external, exonegous, outer015
Effects on societycollectivity, community, culture21018
Effects on economyaffleunce, growth022
Effect on acceptance of tourism000
Effects on attractiveness for touristsvacation destination011
Effects on income inequalitydispersion of incomes011
Effects on conflict/peaceharmony, consensus seeking, negotiatiion style014
Effects on sustainabilityecology, environment001
Effects on social bondsfamily, friends, relatives5722
Effects on relations with intimatesinteraction, interpersonal1516
Effects on social capital in communitylocal social ties000
Effects on other people personally000
Effects on colleaguesgroup morale, peer group012
Effects on intimates113
Effects on oneselfendogenous, inner, internal, psychological4421
Effects on behavioraction, conduct, performance002
Effects on choice013
Effects on consumer behaviorbuying, life style022
Effects on frugalitysimple living, down-consuming (reverse oversprnding, indepting)001
Effects on cping with lossprotection001
Effects on ecological behaviorgreen consumption, ecological footprint000
Effects on happiness seekingadvice, coaching, self-help101
Effects on health behaviorsalutogenic, preventive014
Effects on physical activitysporting002
Effects on use of stimulantsaddiction, alcohlo, drugs, dependency011
Effects on migrationmigration intention034
Effects on political behaviorcivic01114
Effects on procreationFamily planning, having children000
Effects on pro-social behaviorethical, virtuous, solidair31027
Effects on givingaltruism012
Effects on helpingaltruism001
Effects on response behaviormeasurement bias011
Effects on risk behaviordangeroes, risky014
Effects on social participationsocial contact, isolation148
Effects on volunteer workcitizenship022
Effects on cognitionheuristics, rosy view, thinking, thought4426
Effects on perception/Retrospectionview038
Effects on referencecomparison, contrasting001
Effects on satisfactionstop-down effect3716
Effect on self-focusintrovert, self absorbed, self concerned001
Effects on trust in people011
Effects on healthsalutogenic1310
Effects on physical healthdisease, illness, flourish, languish2137136
Effects on fertilityinfertility035
Effects on functional healthnot handicapped022
Effects of immune functioninflammation013
Effects on recoveryresponse to medical treatment001
Effects on survivallongvity, recovery, life-erxpectancy, ageing21633
Effects on mental healthdisturbed, sane, insane7934
Effects on life changeinnovation023
Effects on motivationaspirations, goals, preferences, wants001
Effects on performanceaccomplishment, achievement4426
Effects on activitydoing, participating104
Effects on earningsincome, salary, wages, pay158
Effects on learningeducation, school4312
Effects on workemployment, occupation, labor, job71446
Effect on self-employmententrepreneur101
Effects on job changejob turnover, carreer switch011
Effect on (un)employment012
Effects on personality developmentcharacter change014
Effect on self-esteemself worth001
Effects on preferenceschoice, desire, liking, want2614
Effects on materialismgreed001
Effects on resiliencevulnerability to stress000
Effects on satisfactiontop-down effect (vs bottom-up)000
Effects on social behaviorcontacts, interaction, relationships, social ties000
Various effects1614
Functions of (un)happinessadvantage, benefit, use, usefulness, utility1327
Functions of overall happinessoverall happiness, life satisfaction2222
Functions of hedonic levelgood spirits0017
Functions of affective experienceemotion0210
Functions of pleasantness in affecthedonic tone, valance0011
Functions of awareness of overall hedonic levelself knowledge, introspection000
Optimal ratio of positive and negative affectaffect balance, som011
Functions of contentmentgoal monitoring002
Dysfunction of happinessdisadvantage, harm, hinder005
Dysfunction of making up one's mindcosts of awareness000
Dysfunction of judging life positivelyfalse optimism001
Can one be too happy?optimal mood1312
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 hunt, quest, search, seeking1116
Do people seek happiness?motivation, hedonism2217
Pleasure as general force in motivationjoy,003
Happiness as an individual goalprivate, actor utilitarianism225
What people seek happiness?happiness seeker, hedonist101
What people do to get happierways to happiness, happiness strategies, hedonic strategy, Orientations to Happiness Questionnaire OHT or OHQ1718
Happiness as a public goalgreatest happiness for the greatest number, rule utilitarianism014
Is happiness feasible?possible, practicable, progress, realistic0213
Is lasting happiness possible?feasible, attainable, utopic, parcticable, enduring, lifelong, long-term, fleeting, short-lived, transient003
Can we be happy most of our life?000
Can we get happier than we are?progress011
How much happiness is maximally possible?001
Can happiness be promoted?advance, boost, develop, encourage, further, improve, social engenering3770
Are people not too different?heteregenous, idiosyncratic, particular, unique001
Can happiness be learned?acquire, taught, rain7131
Is happiness not too relative?adaptation, social comparison151573
Is happiness a trait?character, personality, set-point1517
Are improvements of any consequences?benefit, use001
Which improvements promise most effect?effective, what helps001
Will brain manipulation yield happiness?cerebrum, grey matter002
Is pursuit of happiness self-defeating?hedonic reversal0424
Can efficiencvy in use of resources for happiness be measured?policy effectiveness011
Should happiness be promoted?desirable, good1341
Is happiness something good in itself (a virtue)?desirable, good, virtue1012
How much happiness is optimal?too happy, som, very happy016
Isn't experiential happiness 'false' happiness?false consciousness1219
Does promotion of happiness come at the cost of other valued matters?cost, disadvantage, harm, value, worth 005
What happiness most important?value of happiness001
Ways to greater happiness in society (macro level)public choice, social enginering, social policy41191
Analysis of effects on happinesscost benefit analysis, monetarization3861
Cost-benefit analysis and policy evaluationhedonic planning, hedonic calculus, effect study029
Recommended policiesAdvise41146
Communitylocal society, social capital001
Income, wealthstandard of living215
TaxationFiscal, collective expenditures013
Sustainabilityenvironmental protection, renewable enery000
Welfaresocial security, social insurance033
Workemployment, work conditions103
EducationSchooling, human capital, intelligence215
Environmentsustainability, protection017
Familyfamily service003
Childcareday care, baby care, juveline, youth protection011
Foreign aidDevelopment aid, bi-lateral, multi-lateral aid000
Health care003
Medical technology001
Mental health caretherapy, prevention008
Lawjustice, rules, jurirical000
Urban planningcity design001
Value climatepublic morality004
Observed effects on happiness of policy on .policy outcomes, policy effectiveness, hedonic revenue4915
AusterityCut government expenses, raise taxe011
Expropriationdisownin, nationalization011
Job protectiontenure011
Minimum wage112
Redistribution of incomes011
Sustainabilityenvironmental protection, renewable energy011
WelfareSocial insurance, subsidies2914
Workemployment, labour236
WorkfareSubsidized work000
Familyfamily service044
Child care policyfamily, day care, baby care, juveline, youth protection066
Foreign aidDevelopment aid, bi-lateral, multi-lateral aid013
Health careprevention, medicine011
Mental health careprevention, treatment101
Reduction of smoking, drinkingabstinationg, preventive health care, healthy living034
Justicelaw, legal juridical, court, judge, rule002
Social servicecompulsory, duty,000
Community serviceunvoluntary voluntary work011
Military servicedraft011
Role of governmentgovernment intervention, public policcy3122
Side effects of happiness policyreactivity, unintended consequences003
Ways to greater happiness in organizations (meso level)strategy000
Recommened ways to improve happiness in organizationsadvice, receipt000
Ways to greater happiness of individuals (micro level)happiness strategy, hedonic approach, Orientations to Happiness Questionnaire OTH or OHQ0513
Recommended ways of life (individual level)life choice049
Observed effects on happiness of interventions at individual levelcourse, learn, teach, therapy, training, treatment017
Activation programs116
Dance therapymovement, music001
Gardening therapyHorti-cultural therapy102
Internet traininginstruction PC, social media103
Leisure educationfree time003
Music therapy011
Physical activationexercise, move, sport0618
Social activationcaring, contact, participation002
Crisis intervention001
Happiness trainingscourse, counsel, positive psychology529
Enjoyment trainingpleasure taking002
Nature involvementgreen, hyking000
Novelty tryingexperimenting, new activities103
Savouring trainingart-of-living, hedonic capacity405
Goal setting trainingaims, aspirations419
Humor therapylaughing004
Laughter yoga102
Mental discipliningmental control, mental focus000
Meditation. Mindfulnessmindful4011
Tai Chi, Yoga001
Positive thinking traininghope, optimism4015
Hope enhancement000
Kindness training206
Self-awareness training101
Life review therapy209
Mood awareness training113
Thought process awarenessheuristics, meta-cognition001
Self-development trainingself-actualization, growth101
Character strenghs interventionspsychic competences, strong points2011
Self-affirmation trainingself-confidence, self respect315
Self-expressiveness trainingauthenticity001
Self-helpadvisory books, bibliotherapy, happiness apps2116
Biblio-therapyself-help books000
Happiness self-monitoringhapiness awareness raising, multiple moment assesment, ESM, DRM4211
Self management trainingautonomy, self efficacy, independence316
Sociability trainingpro-social, social competence102
Trainings using multiple methods3014
Happiness lessons in schoolcurriculum, course, class, teaching, tutoring5213
Reviews of happiness trainings and effect researchmeta analysis, review0125
Health caretreatments004
Health education003
Mental health care011
Spa therapyhealth resort, Kurort, wellness011
Lifestyle advise, life coachingway of life, daily life, habit, manner of living1415
Moral educationethical, value011
Psycho-educationcoping, counseling, empowerment, life skills training213
Training for coping with care taskshelping113
Training for coping with illness002
Psycho-therapytreatment for mental problems119
Socio-therapyinteraction training000
Relation therapycouple training, marriage therapy048
Wellbeing support programsprofessional support, welfare service113
Spiritual encounterdevine, metaphysical, sacred000
Support groupspeer support336
Vocational trainingwork education013
Work motivation trainingcalling, mission, work involvement, purpose001
Work wellbeing training101
Workfarework therapy023
Technical toolsmachines, inventions001
VIEWS ON ONE'S OWN HAPPINESS (beliefs about happines, not actual happiness)    
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 attitide, belief, self1414
Perceived change in one's happinesslife course, career025
Perceived comparative happinessrelative happiness, better, worse, social comparison1413
Perceived control over one's happinessattribution, luck, fate013
Perceived entitled happiness (How happy one ought to be)right for happiness000
Perceived ideal happiness for oneself: most desirable degreedesired degree of happiness036
Difference between ideal and real happinesshappines deficit, deprivation001
Perceived importance of own happinessvalue, valuation, trivial unimportant219
Perceived reputation of happinesslooking glass self115
Perceived sources of one's own happinessattribution, ascription, belief, cause, condition, determinant5670315
Accuracy of perceptiondifference expected experienced utility, hedonic fore casting, misprediction of utility21237
Difference expected and remembered happiness000
Difference expected and experienced happinessaffective forecast0714
Difference between expected happiness and choicebehavioral relevance of happiness002
Perceived Stability of one's own happinessconstant, fixed, set point, trait, unstable, changing101
Prediction of one's own happinessexpectation, optimism, pessimism049
Expected rise/decline of one's own happiness000
Reported ways to pursue happinessquest for happiness, seeking happiness, self report, Orientations to Happiness Questionnaire OHQ or OTH0622
VIEWS ON HAPPINESS IN PUBLIC OPINION: Sociology of happiness ideas    
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 attitude, belief, hear-say, idea, stereotype, notion, public opinion, understanding004
Advice on happinesscounsel, recommend, self help, popular0211
Attitudes to happinesspublic opinion, value208
Acceptance of happiness as a policy goal002
Acceptance of ways to happinessattitude to happiness strategies001
Acceptance of artificial happinessillusiory happiness, Noznick experience machine000
Ideological connotations of the term "happiness"notion, emblem001
Moral appreciation of happinessenjoyment, pleasure seeking, lust acceptance, frugality, austerity, epicureanism, abstinence, ethical valuation, depreciate, reject1223
Expert opinionintellectual, scholar, professional0232
Public opinioncommon people, lay, 13641
Preference for happinesshedonism1514
Pressure to be/act happyforced happiness, normative happiness002
Selfpresentation as (un)happy001
Beliefs about happinessreputation1213
Myths about happinessmisunderstanding, folk tale1319
Perceived Level of happinessattribution, fame, name, reputation218
In the pastanterior, historical, previous, old days306
In the presentcurrent, contemporary, now318
Of people in generalaverage citizen, common man0214
Of compatriotsfellow citizen, nationals, peers3310
Of people in other countries/regionsabroad, foreigners, neighbor country248
Perceived livability of nationsquality of life, beliefs, stereotype125
Of social categoriescaste,.class, groups, stratum, status101042
Of intimateskin, friends206
In the futureexpected3211
Attribution of happiness levelascription, causal inference, folk theory, perception017
Perceived sources of happiness: Concepts of the good lifetheory, notion, attribution, belief3962
Expert opinionacademic, intellectual, scholar, professional1045
Among policy makers001
Public opinioncommon people, man on street, lay theories81367
Children's concepts of happinessnotion, belief, perception, understanding107
Attribution of causal effectsascription, causal inference, theory015
Perceived consequences of happinessaftereffect, effect, outcome, sequel, result002
Cultural variations in views on happinesscross-cultural, belief, value1460
Western vs. Non-Western countriesdeveloping, underdeveloped, modern, traditional0132
Rise of the western happiness ideashistory of idea1045
Trend hedonic tone in public communications001
Interest in happinessattention for, current, prevailant0012
Use of the word happiness003
Web search on happinesse-happiness000
Prominence in public discoursepublic interest005
Perceptiveness for happinessrecognition of happiness in others001
Reasons for (des)interest in happinessdrivers, motivation001
Models of happinessadvice,presentation, perceived pattern of conditions for happiness000
Models in advertisementpublicity002
Models in counselingarchetype, prototype, type, emblem, advise, recommendation, self-help, psychobabble, stereotype1521
Models in politics003
Models in fictionarchetype, example,prototype, type, emblem, stereotype, novel, legend, story, film0334
Models in proverbsadage, saying, common wisdom002
Models in religionhappy believer013
Models in social mediapresentation on facebook002
Models in teachingpedagogy001
Uses of happiness conceptspurpose, role, function0010
Symbolic useemblematic, rethoric001
Use in marketingadvertisement, poduct promotion001
Normative useideal, ideological, moral, utopian018
Analytic usescientific001
Use for inferring preferencesutility, want, need001
Political useguide, compass, policy, rethoric0010
Policy aimspublic choice, planning, program028
Progress indicatorapparent livability002
Communication of happinessexpression, honesty, social desirability001
DescriptionKeywordsEligible for findings archive 
  EnteredWaitingNumber of Publications
 doctrine, speculation, school of thought, theory, tradition, Weltanschauung0021
Concepts of happinessidea, conception, construct, notion, theory, analysis0144
Objective vs. Subjective conceptsexternal observed, internal experienced, inner experience0019
Mixed concepts: enjoying life while hedonic plus0010
Being well-informedmisinformed, prudential, rational0011
Being morally soundethical valuable, good, virtuous0011
Living up to common standardsconform, success in life, follow norm001
Thriving, actualizingself-actualization, growth, prosper009
Seeing meaningmeaningfulness, meaningful life, purpose in life,coherence, narrative, fulfilment, mission, calling,002
Specific concepts of happinesscomponents, variants006
Happiness as affective experienceemotion, feeling, hedonic experience, mood, pleasure0030
Happiness as a cognitive appraisalcompare, evaluate, reference, standard0126
Happiness as an attitudedisposition, trait0014
Short-term vs long-term happinessconstant, fixed, set point, trait, unstable, changing, short lived000
Difference with folk conceptordinary use, lay concept, everyday concept,003
Difference with other notions of well-beingflourishing, qualitry of life, health, happiness001
History of philosophical thoughtannals, chronology, review0018
Classicsancient times, antiquity, greek, roman0123
Contemporarymodern, present day, current0014
Views on happiness in religionsbelief, faith002
BuddhismDalai Lama001
Methodologyapproach, technique003
Analysis of meanings of the wordetymology, dictionary, denote, lexicon, word, use of word, vocabulary, word history0021
Analysis of (history) of ideasdoctrine, creed, view002
Empirical support for ideasdara, empirical evidence, test0211
Schools of philospphical thoughtapproach, intellectual tradition, line of thought, outlook, view, weltanschauung1152
Eudaimonismeudaimonia, good spirit, self actualization, involved life, virtuous life, Aristotle, positive psychology0019
HedonismPleasure seeking004
Utilitarianismgreatest happiness principle, greater happiness for greater number, Bentham, utility, consequentionalism1259
Topics in philosophy of happinessissues, questions001
Conditions for happinesscause, determinant, necessity, precondition, requirement0010
Control over one's happinessautonomy003
Critics of empirical happiness researchdisbelief, doubt, opposition, question, skeptic0031
Existence of a single hedonic dimension in affectUni-dimension affect002
Making people happy vs making more people happygreatest happiness principle000
Paradoxes of happinesscontradiction, puzzle0012
Possibility of happinessfeasibility, optimism, skepticism003
Self-judgment of happinessassess , appraisal, evaluation, observation007
Do people judge their life at all?001
How do people make judgment?asses, evaluate003
How rational?0010
Role of narrativestory, meaning, sense of coherence002
Utility of happinessmorality of happiness0012
As a guide in private choiceindividual, personal, actor utilitarianism0011
As a guide in public choicegeneral interest, politic, rule utilitarianism1562
Goal of education001
Value of happinesscost, desirability, merit, profit, utility, virtue0158
Is happiness mere contentment?constructed, illusion, thought000
Is happiness the final end?mono-ethical, highest good, ultimate value006
Are there 'higher' and 'lower' kinds of happiness?quality, virtue, worth003
Priority for the least happy?negative utilitarianism001
Relative to other valuesvalue priority of happiness001
Happiness and well-beingflourishing, thriving, happiness, eudaimonia, quality of life, prudential value008
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Relative strenght of correlations011
Mixed multiple correlates of happiness    
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 joint effects113
History of regionpast000
Voicetongue, vocal000
Appreciation of beauty and excellenceenjoying, savouring000
Arrirudes to sexualitygenital001
Time child care000
Cross border commutingcross border migrant workers101
Evolutionary basis001
Perceived relative happinessadvantage, well off001