Correlational subjects

Correlational subject: Intimate discussions

Classification path:
FRIENDSHIP Current contacts with friends Intimate discussions

List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Discussions with friends Males, metropolitan areas: London, Los Angeles and Sydney, 1977-80 Topics for discussion among firends 16+ aged, general public, Russia, 1993 Variety of topics for discussion among friends 16+ aged, general public, Russia, 1993 Social Interaction with peers Secundary school pupils, Netherlands, 199? Friends support 10-18 aged general public, Vieno: Italy, 2006 Confide with whom 80+ aged, China, 2002 Loneliness Nuns, Catholic congregations, USA, 1969 Immigrants Intimate Friend +18 aged Afghan immigrants, The Netherlands, 2016