Continuation policy

This World Database of Happiness is developed at Erasmus University Rotterdam, by Ruut Veenhoven. Veenhoven is the owner of the copyright on the data system and the collection as he left it. The following arrangements are made for prolongation of the project after his time.

Copy of the original
A copy of the latest version of the database made under the direction of Ruut Veenhoven is deposited in the Library of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The copy is filed in its electronic repository RePub, both as a database and as a collection of text files. The latest version remains also directly available on the internet.

Prolongation of the project at Erasmus University is foreseen in the context of the Erasmus Happiness Economics research Organization (ehero), which was established in 2012.
Continuation at Erasmus University should not keep other scientists from building on the initial collection. The above mentioned copy is free available to scientists who want continue the collection as a whole or a part of it. The only condition is that this is clearly acknowledged and that a link to the latest copy is made.
Continuation of the project as-a-whole is also welcomed, but there are also advantages in separate development of its sections. The collection of Happiness in Nations can be prolonged independently from the collection of Correlational Findings and the latter collection could even be split by subject or discipline.
Preferably such off-shoots draw on a common Bibliography and a common collection of Happiness Measures. The conceptual focus on happiness as subjective enjoyment of life should be maintained.

Foundation for the Study of Happiness
The Foundation for the Study of Happiness sees to this and takes action when necessary. If prolongation stagnates, the Foundation will bring that to the attention of potentially interested scientists and appropriate scientific bodies, using either its own recourses or call on the Support Fund for the World Database of Happiness. Interested scholars can contact the foundation for information about the state of prolongation.

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