Sex life in nations


Variable Measurement Era SPSS code N Source
Acceptance of sex % open minded about sex 2005 SexAcceptance_2005 41 Durex 2005
Rejection of premarital sex % believing that younfg people should abstain from sex untill marriage 2005 SexReject Premarital_2005 41 Durex 2005
Age of first sex education self report on survey question 2005 SexAgeEducation_2005 41 Durex 2005
Attitude to start of sex education public opinion on ideal age 2005 SexIdealAgeEducation_2005 41 Durex 2005
Dissatisfaction with fequency of sex % that wish they had sex more frequently 2005 Sex WishMore_2005 41 Durex 2005
Dissatisfaction with sexual variation % that feel their sex life is monotous 2005 SexMonotous_2005 41 Durex 2005
Satisfaction with sex life % happy with own sex life 2005 SexSatisfaction_2005 41 Durex 2005


Variable Measurement Era SPSS code N Source
Age of first sex self report on survey question 2005 SexAgeFirst_2005 41 Durex 2005
Frequency of intercourse self repote of times per year on survey question 2000 SexFrequency_2000 27 Durex 2000: 12
2005 SexFrequency_2005 41 Durex 2005
Use of sex aids % likes experimenting with sex aids 2005 SexToys_2005 41 Durex 2005
Had extramarital sex % reporting experience with an extra-marital affair 2005 SexExtramarital_2005 41 Durex 2005
Had homosex % reporting to have had sex with same sex partner 2005 SexHomo_2005 41 Durex 2005
Has pornography % owning pornography 2005 SexPorno_2005 41 Durex 2005
Had unprotected sex % reporting to have had unprotected sex partner of whom one did not know sexual history 2005 SexUnprotected_2005 41 Durex 2005
Number of sexual partners Self report of number of sexual partners ever in life 2005 SexNumberPartners_2005 41 Durex 2005
Unplanned pregnancy % reporting to have had an unplanned pregnancy 2005 UnplannedPregnancy_2005 41 Durex 2005

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Freedom of... homosexuality,
sex, sex with minors; see topic Private freedom
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