Political stability in nations

Variable Measurement Era SPSS code N Source
Political stability Estes' Index of political stability (part of Index of Social Progress): 1. Number of political protest demonstrations (-), 2. Number of political riots (-), 3. Number of political strikes (-), 4. Number of armed attacks (-), 5. Number of death from domestic violence per 1000.000 (-) 1979-80 PoliticalStability1_80 27 Estes 1984 table 5-1
Combination of indicators which measure perceptions of the likelihood that the government in power will be destabilized or overthrown by possibly unconstitutional and/or violent means, including terrorism. 1998 PoliticalStability2_1998 91

Kaufmann 1999a, table C2

2001 PoliticalStability2_2001 91 Kaufmann 2002, table C2
2002 PoliticalStability2_2002 171 Kaufmann 2003, table C2
2006 PoliticalStability2_2006 173 Kaufman 2007, table C2

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