Studies among selected public: Well educated

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ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Larson (1989): study US 1984 /1
Is Feeling "In Control" Related to Happiness in Daily Life?
Retired inhabitants of middle-sized Ontario metropolitan, USA, 198?
Linn & McGranahan (1980): study US 1984
Personal Disruptions, Social Integration, Subjective Well-Being and Predisposition towards the Use of Counseling Services.
Physicians, California, USA, 1984
Matthews & Ornauer (1976): study IN Uttar Pradesh 1968
The Year 2000 Questionnaire and the Marginals in 11 Nations.
Well educated, India, 1968
Nathawat & Mathur (1993): study IN 1988
Marital Adjustment and Subjective Well-Being in Indian-Educated Housewives and Working Women.
Educated Indian Women age 22-52 , India, 1989