Studies among selected public: AGE groups

Number of studies4
Additional keywordslife stage

ReferenceTitle of publicationPublic
Abrams (1973): study GB 1971
Subjective Social Indicators.
16+ aged, general public, urban areas, United Kingdom, 1971
Goswami (2014): study GB 2011
Children's Subjective Well-Being: Socio-Demographic Characteristics and Personality.
10-15 aged, schoolchildren, United Kingdom, 2011
Matthews & Ornauer (1976): study IN Uttar Pradesh 1968
The Year 2000 Questionnaire and the Marginals in 11 Nations.
Well educated, India, 1968
Wiberg (1976a): study ZZ 1967
Replication on a Youth Group: The Students.
students, 5 western nations, 1967-1970, Germany,Great Britain, New Zealand, Sweden, USA.